Ken Jennings - What a Sore Winner!

Not content to win $2.5 million from Jeopardy, Ken Kennings has a website and blog where he has quite a few unkind things to say about the show and Alex Trebek.

His site’s at but he’s apparently not willing to use any of that $2.5 million to buy good hosting. The site’s delivering a “This Account Has Exceeded Its CPU Quota” error today.

From anAP story about Mr. Jennings:

When Ken’s website is working, SDMB veterans will quickly realize he swiped the navigation concept from the SDMB. Even if we’ve not used the big brain for a few years, it’s ours!

I read that, too, on the AP Newswire (apparently, it falls under the heading of “news”). It’s just sad when geeks try to be funny.

Step away from the joke. Do NOT attempt to be funny, and no one will get hurt.”

Google does have a partial cache.

And actually, it looks like the other pages on the real site are still up.

When I hear “sore winner,” I think it means he was rude to the losing contestants. Plenty of people who watch Jeopardy complain about Trebek, so I guess it’s no surprise that Ken might not love him either. Perhaps Ken is costing himself a shot at future tournament appearances, however.

Nah. The ratings draw of bringing back the Super-Champ will outweigh any personal pique felt by Trebek. Does he even have that much control over the show?

What are nude pictures of Merv Griffin with three Filipino boys in his safety deposit box?

Jennings was kidding. The entire blog entry was obviously a joke; I mean, he’s speaking to a television program. The idiot who wrote the AP story needs to have an ironymeter installed.

In other news, Jonathan Swift didn’t really want to eat Irish babies.

Jennings has replied to Starr’s story:

My favorite part of his Jeopardy related blog jokes is how to, uh, deal with the Clue Crew.

I just read this now that the link isn’t Farked anymore, and I thought that was the funniest part, too. The whole thing about the Clue Crew was just very funny.

I read parts of his blog and FAQ and found the site to be quite funny. Take it all with a bit more humor and you won’t come away with such a bitter taste.

Ken was just joking, I think. He was having a little fun. And it made me laugh. After all, a man who says this obviously doesn’t have hard feelings about the show:

It was hilarious, of course. That should have been patently obvious. Starr: you are a :wally

You want fun, replace the Clue Crew with porn stars.

Ken Jennings is funny! I loved this one:

That is pretty funny.

I don’t feel like doing the research, but I have to assume that Jennings is right about it.

is this a good place to admit that I like the one with Tony Danza just as much as the original?

I thought it was extremely funny. Now I want Alex to sign off with “legalize it”.

A Jeopardy! thread? Probably not.

A Paris Hilton thread? A much better bet. :stuck_out_tongue:

They have the lovely Sarah; that’s good enough for me!