Kerry out in 2008


Good Riddance. What effect will his absence have on the campaign?

The same impact his presence would have had: zero.

I think more candidates and more diversity of opinion makes for a better field, but I don’t think Kerry had anything to contribute. Even forgetting the “stuck in Iraq” joke, it appears everyone agrees he ran a bad campaign, and he couldn’t explain his Iraq stance in 2004 - he would have had even more trouble doing that now.

Makes Hillary’s path easier. I don’t think Kerry would have taken primary voters out of any other candidate’s column.

What about Gore?

What do you mean?

Is he in or out of the race? Or is he still thinking about it?

I think he wants to pick up his Oscar before deciding. :slight_smile:

He can still be drafted at the convention if by some quirk the winner of the primaries dies or gets arrested for DUI manslaughter.

Kerry out makes no difference.

Nobody voted for him in 2004 - he was last man standing after the primaries, and relied for election on the fact that he wasn’t Bush, with the results we see. If he couldn’t win against Bush, he has no chance against Hilary or Obama in the primaries.

Nice hair, though.


All 5 of his current supporters must be devastated.

Am I the only one who read the thread title and thought, just for a microsecond, that it had something to do with gayness?

Don’t betray a Heinz or you’ll end up the meat in the spaghetti sauce.

And all the runners-up get abducted by aliens.

Who, Kerry or Gore?

I hope so.

I would vote for Gore. The new one, not the one from 2000.

Kerry was out regardless of any announcement. Can you imagine a single Democrat supporting him? When a man doesn’t know what to do with a golden platter the first time, you don’t ask him back for seconds.