Klingon Proverbs

I came to a road that diverged in two woods;
I slew the first man who refused to give me directions
and the rest were forthcoming.

On the journey through life, you will find dangerous chasms.
They are not as wide as they seem,
yet you should force another to jump first.

A Klingon Fable

A torQue and an B’nath met one day in the field. The TorQue was hungry and said to the B’nath,

“You are weak and slow I will eat you!”

The B’nath begged the torQue not to eat him.
The TorQue looked at the skinny creature and took pity upon it.

“You are too scrawny for me to eat go on your way,”

When the TorQue turned away to look for fatter prey he was set upon by the B’nath who tore out the TorQue’s throat.

Moral: No enemy is too weak to be vanquished.
and then these are from the Original series:

A running man can cut a thousand throats in one night.

Only a fool fights in burning house.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

-Old Klingon Proverb

Two Earthers can keep a secret, if both of them are dead.

Bargain with a Ferengi only after shoving him out of an airlock.

A bird in the hand…

…has no honor. Kill it.

“Today is a good day for you to die!”

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Klingon perverts:
“Did you hear that Kang gave his mistress…foreplay?!”
“Do not spread rumors of so noble a warrior…you will destroy his reputation, and we all have our weak moments.”

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A fool and his head are soon parted.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (the direct stroke may hit the ribs).

A kind word and a sharp bat’leh earns you more than a kind word, although not significantly more than the bat’leh alone.

When you have them by the <long series of grisly-sounding Klingon words snipped: Editor>, their hearts and minds will follow.

One may smile and smile, and yet be a villain. That’s the beauty of it :slight_smile:

You can lead a Karg beast into battle, but you can’t make it drink the blood of your enemies.

From Voyager (I forget the episode – but it’s from B’elana’s long dream sequence when she’s having a crisis of conscience over her Klingon heritage):

Eat this, or I will force it down the gullet of your corpse!" (Cook’s slogan.)

From the movie STVI: “Shakespeare is better in the original Klingon.” (From the same film: Spock: “There is an ancient Vulcan proverb: Only Nixon could go to China.”)

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“baHjan?, We don’t need no stinking baHjan!”

“A stranger is just an enemy who has not yet attacked you.”

From TOS, Day Of The Dove: A running man can cut 4000 throats in one night.

Damned Klingon inflation rate. One moon blows up and EVERYTHING goes to hell.

Make war, not the state of the absence of war characterized by the weak not seeking to vanquish others by dying gloriously in battle.[sup]*[/sup]
Not the state of the absence of war characterized by the weak not seeking to vanquish others by dying gloriously in battle,


[sup]*An ancient proverb, before the time that the Klingons had a word for ‘peace.’[/sup]