Knock Knock Knock....Anyone home?

Been kind of peeking around here for a few days, reading through all the different forums, getting a feel for the management and the residents.

Everyone seems nice enough, though there is a bit much of the drama around here. I assume there are lots of actor and artist types frequenting this board.

I stand before you as humbly as I can and introduce myself:

freshest of meat, leanest of cuts, choicest of medium rare at your service.

I look forward to engaging some of you in wonderful intellectual debates, others in mundane chatter, others in what will someday be friendship.

I have been to many places, both real and imagined, and always the following rule applies: Be nice to your host, for it is they who decides if you sleep outside in the cold, or share the warmth of the fire and soothing sounds of music from the lyre. I tip my hat to those in charge.

Forgive me in advance for any misgivings, for I mean only to be honest with you, and that honesty sometimes has the bitterness of the unripened apple. I try my best to temper my opinions with mutual respect, but alas there are times when this simply can not be actualized.

Looking forward to what is yet to come…


Welcome to the boards, freshmeat, glad to have you. I hope you find our board enjoyable and exciting, see you around!

Tis a pleasure to meet you, too.

:tips hat:


You aren’t officially a newbie until you sign on to the

**MASTER LIST (Newbies only)**

Welcome a-Board!

Seems that thread is closed, so I can’t very well go and post to it.

Now why’d ya have to go and make me feel all rejected and stuff?

As you used to say…

Sit on it! :smiley:

Let me be the first to say, THANK YOU for using proper capitalization.

Welcome to here, have fun, and blah blah blah.

::pokes at freshmeat with a stick::

::looks at him/her cautiously::

::plops down::

::commences picking lice off freshmeat’s back::

::eats lice::

:: looks at past response ::

repeat the mantra: PREVIEW!

Welcome, freshmeat. But don’t let this happen to you

(cue scary music and yakking sounds)

stalks around, sniffing at freshmeat. crouches down cautiously. slinks near…

Sniff… Sniff… Sniff…

nibbles freshmeat. legs stiffen, rolls on back. Dead? NO WAY!

Hee hee hee

leaps out of thread quickly

I used to poke my meat with a stick. Then it got all red and inflammed and I had to stop. Not a pleasant sight. Anywho… HI FRESHMEAT!

Hi freshmeat and welcome to the boards. Ever get that not-so-fresh feeling? When you do, do you pour salt all over yourself?

Hi freshmeat!


Freshmeat- the other whitemeat!
Freshmeat- it’s what’s for dinner!


Bad News Baboon - Grooming is always appreciated. Thanks for getting those things off my back! :smiley:

Dijon Warlock - Please, not in front of the children. They’ll be up all night with nightmares…

Cougarfang - As long as you nibble gently, it won’t be my legs that stiffen :wink:

pezpunk - Please, don’t poke me with just any ol stick. Wait a minute, I don’t think I want you poking me with any stick at all! :eek:

Francesca, that’s a might personal question you’re askin. But if you must know, when I get that not so fresh feeling, a marinade in vinegar usually does the trick :smiley:

Zette, I really don’t know what to say…

Thanks for all the responses everyone!


Don’t worry, I’ve been here for what seems like forever, and no one quite knows what to do with me yet.

In any case, welcome!:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Welcome to the SDMB, freshmeat. Hope to see more of you. :slight_smile:

::MsRobyn goes into the kitchen and whips up a batch of those fancy tea cakes::