"Kyle Rayner" - Chauvinistic Moron

I’ll let the stupidity talk for itself. What I’ve gathered from this thread is that you really respect this girl and care about her as a person.

Oh my God, he’s a typical teenage boy! Let’s kick his ass!

Hahaha… good call!

He pretends he likes her, he’s soliciting information about the best way to ask her out etc, but she’s a dirty slut he doesn’t want to acknowledge knowing. He believes she’s after him because he grabbed her tits, and he thinks she wants to give her number to him because she wants more of this shit via text message.

Why the fuck should this get a pass because he’s a teenager? He’s 18 years old, he’s entitled to vote, drink, smoke, drive. He’s an adult and should be held accountable for his fucked-up statements about this girl.

To be fair, he said that she wanted **his ** number, because she thought if she gave him her number he’d fill her voicebox with smut, most likely trying to be funny. And read the whole sentence re: the tit-grabbing thing – “I grabbed her tits, she called me gay, etc.” From what I understood, he thought she wanted his number because of the horseplay and sexual tones to it.

As for her being too slutty to date and whatnot – he needs a slap, I’m in total agreement. Honestly, though, is he the first teen-aged boy to worry about what his boys will think if he dates a certain girl? Of course not. Stupid, silly, chauvanistic, and not to be encouraged, but he’ll grow out of it.

Because if you’re going to pit every teenage boy for being a dick you’re going to bring down the board with the volume of OP’s you start.

Prediction: if he shows up at all he’s not going to change his mind. This’ll either die down fairly quickly or we’ll have 5-10 pages of hysterical offended people telling him he’s an asshole, which he’ll ignore and either defend himself into a banning or disappear from the thread entirely.

Come on, his girlfriend just died. :smiley: He’s not chauvinistic; his writer is.

Actually, after sober reflection, this sounds like a hell of a good idea after all.

Damn, I was just about to go to bed for the night, sober because most of my friends are in Florida for the next six days and in a pissed off mood and to top if all off I get a Pit thread… I guess tonight wasn’t a waste of time after all.

First off Atticus Finch I thought I clarified in subsequent posts that I was more concerned about getting my ass kicked from the guys that formerly solicited this girl’s attentions than my rep. Yes, I still wanted to be cool with my friends and I regret it, that’s why it started out as a Pit thread before it got moved to MPSIMS.

I think you also missed (in your rush to prove I was a pig only caring about the pussy) that I was perfectly fine in being her friend as well. Actually, I would like to be her friend because she’s funny as hell. I bet if you heard her talk for five minutes she would be in the Pit instead of myself and you would be cheering me on in my efforts to shit on her face (don’t get offended Finch it was just a joke).

One last thing, we fuck around with each other all the time (or used to) especially in class (I feel sorry for the sub we had one day).

Oh shit, now this really is the last thing. You said I didn’t want to acknowledge knowing her well I can say that’s bullshit right there. I sat at her lunch table all the time even when the other guys wanted me to sit with them. I said “nah I’m going to chill with her guys.” Everyone knows we chilled together at lunch and in class so I’m sorry but maybe you should get another…CITE

Ok, so it wasn’t that you didn’t want to acknowledge knowing her because she was a slut, it’s that you didn’t want to acknowledge her overtures / invitations to hang out because she was a slut.

Guess what - the part that I just changed is not the part of that concept that’s so incredibly insulting to the girl. And it’s this particular concept that’s the basis of this pitting, I guess. You didn’t want to be seen liking a girl because she was a slut. For that, you deserve to be called a chauvinistic asshole.

The rest just shows you as a jackass, and perhaps I read your ambiguously phrased comments more harshly than necessary - the “vulgar messages” bit, that is, I might have been wrong on that.

Okay… one last time. I didn’t care if she was a slut and I was cool with it, no big deal. It was the guys she had recently had flings with I was concerned with because I didn’t want to get my ass kicked. If you knew these guys you would definelt yunderstad where I was coming from. Again, I’m not proud for not having more balls to do the right thing. Yes, I was a little worried about my rep also but as I made clearer in other posts it had more to do with being friends with those guys as well and wanting to stay friends. Now, I regret it that’s why I pitted myself in the first place before the thread was moved.

there should be a rule that if you are going to pit someone and the pittee has already pitted themselves for the same thing, the pitter should be held responsible for ensuring that their pit is of higher quality than the pit that the pittee already pitted against themselves.

Yeah, I mean the guy originally pitted himself and the mods moved it. The thread would have had more legs if it was left here.

18 you say? I’m leaning younger. 14 maybe. Let’s see if he posts next about his penis size.

Hey, Kyle, you seem pretty sharp, can you help me out here? Sometimes I meet guys who are pretty cool, and I want to hang out with them, you know, hit the arcade or whatnot, and I want to get their cell number. But I don’t want them to think I’m, you know, gay or anything. Got any ideas?


It’s official as per SkipMagic, Kyle Rainer1 was a sock puppet for START.


Think many of us were fooled? Look up a couple of posts. :smiley:

Excuse me for my complete lack of surprise, Kythereia.