To the bitch who fucks for fun

I won’t say fuck you, cause thats what you want.
but you can piss off…
I’m sick of frigging girls coming to me saying ‘I’m a gem’ or I’m special cause I aint gonna go round fucking left right and centre…
I’m just a bit down because I got too attacthed to this girl who I knew, she was cool we got alot in common, the day after this ‘ooo we’re alike’ crap, she says she going to meet some guy from the net and fuck him…and if they hit off after they had sex then go out with each other…
The ordasity of some people!!
How the hell could you lead me on like that you fucking bitch!!! Leading me to believe you actually liked me then go and fuck some guy off the net?? She was talking to me today thinking it would be all normal, she was all elated which I knew was from the shagging she got describing how she got her needs satisfyed…

I don’t wanna talk to her again, she’s an asshole…

one things for sure, I’m an idiot…

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan…YOU are not an idiot. You just seem to be in such a hurry to have a girlfriend that you allow yourself to get involved with some girls who are bad choices for you.

Do not let this girl get under your skin. You are right. She is an asshole. Now get her out of your life and forget about it.

You deserve better.

I have yet to see the “Will fuck for fun.” sign being displayed yet at an intersection. However, one can hope.

Yes, he is an idiot.

How exactly is being friends with you leading you on? If you wanted to date her, then you should have asked her out, instead of just fuming that she’s with someone else now. That fact that she told you before she did shows that you had already passed from date material into the friends category. It’s not her fault you didn’t make your desire to date her known.

She liked me, I didn’t say anything about friendship did I?

Yeah, where the hell were these girls when I was a freshman in high school?

I made my comment about him not being an idiot because of some past posts he has made regarding his quest to find a girlfriend.

If my memory is right…he is not into casual sex and it bothers him when these girls flirt with him or see him as a challenge then turn around and fuck anything that moves and fill him in on all the details.

Ryan if I have you confused with someone else, then my apologies.

Fucking other people?

Well, what other reason is there to fuck? :smiley:

Dude, you can’t get mad at a chick for not reading your friggin’ mind. If you want to do the horizontal bop with someone, speak up. Sheesh.

Mmmm, fucking for fun…

haha. Sorry dude, but guys have been doing that for ages. You’ll find no sympathy here.

no Aries28 you didn’t and what you said about me was right.

Maybe its just the fact they do this ALL the time, regard me as a ‘brother’ and then tell me all about fucking other guys, why can’t they just leave me alone or just stop bragging in front of my face?

How dare a woman enjoy sex!

Ryan, I feel for you. If I may offer some advice, please raise your standards. And use a condom. You’ll be Much happier in the long run on both accounts. Not all girls are as promiscous as ‘tunnel whores’, with more riders to their credit than a merry-go-round.

I think people are misunderstanding Ryan. If you have read any of his previous posts about his relationships then this would make more sense to you…I promise.

He doesn’t mind a woman enjoying sex. It’s that he meets a girl, they start getting to know one another and he likes said girl. Said girl then finds out he isn’t just a roll in the hay and either A)makes it her mission to be The One to change his mind or B) tells him she loves him like a brother then discusses her rampant sex life with him.

I believe he just wants to find someone not interested in hitting the sheets 5 minutes after they meet and is frustrated by how this is going.

Again, Ryan if I am misrepresenting how you feel then I apologize.

Because your passive-agressive expectations are ridiculous?
or maybe just
Because they don’t know it’s making you uncomfortable?

Have you asked them to not talk about it with you since it bothers you so much? Or do you just smile and reply and then come here and call them bitches and assholes for not being privy to your every waking thought?

Well everyone here thinks I’m some sort of prudish asshat who hates sex, nothing could be anymore wrong. I just don’t like it, but then again everyone seems to be doing it, I must be in the wrong then…

Well watch for the pattern for christ’s sake. If all these girls seem to act the same and then dump on you a week later then quit fucking hanging out with them. If this is complicated then I agree, you are an idiot. A decent girl won’t fawn all over you because you don’t screw around, she’ll expect it.

BTW I like girls like that so you are an asshole for calling her a bitch. Must log on to Lavalife now. :slight_smile:

Ah, yes. The classic “Billions of wrongs will eventually make a right” argument. Didn’t Clarence Darrow originate that?

Ryan_Liam, I was a “brother” figure to many, many women in high school and college. While it was frustrating at times, it inevitably led me to a greater understanding and appreciation for what attracts many women in the first place. It helped me develop relationship skills that have served me well since.

You don’t think I could woo and marry somebody as devastatingly gorgeous and witty as Aries28 based on my looks, do you?

some people here think I’m an asshole for not fucking around, jees and I thought you older people where whinging that us kids had no morals?

First of all, she liked me as in fancied me and well, then she tells me about this guy, do you understand now why I am pissed off and am calling her a bitch???

And for your information Carnalk, I like women like that too but can’t they at least say cellibate for three days???