Kyle took a bullet for me, now I gotta rock for 3

Don’t forget about Tenacious D.

I started this thread, but I suppose it didn’t really make sense.

It was a call out for other Tenacious D lovers to share your favorite quotes from one of their songs.

I gotsa say, mine is either most of the Spider Man song, or “Stabbin you with my bowie while I’m naked/painted head to toe I’m so aroused”

If you don’t understand, check out , it should tell you all about Jack Black and Kyle Gass’s band.

“Couldn’t be a man in a gorilla suit, no you know this way he’s fuckin’ real!”

Swimmin’ in a sea of Lee…


I was wondering why the other thread was locked- I knew what you was talkin bout.

“Scientists have proven that the Sasquatch he is real.
Take a look at the plaster cast of his foot now you know he’s real.
Listen real close to the audiotape, not human no you know he’s real.
Can’t be a man in a gorilla suit, no fucking way man you know he’s real.”


“I love ya baby, but all I can think about is
Keilbasa sausage, your butt cheeks is warm.
I check my dipstick, you need lubrication
my Keilbasa sausage has just got to perform
Lets get it on!”

The timing of this thread is an amazing coincidence- I just got a message from my friend in NYC. The message consisted of “The D. Irving Plaza. October 20th. Be there.” And I will. I seen em at the 9:30 club in DC and they rocked my face’s ass.

I wish I could have my ass blown out. Sadly, the closest they’ve ever came to KC was Chicago, and that was 2 years ago. Damn you, Jack Black!


This is about as popular as my “Mr. Show” thread a while back. I’m assuming most dopers ain’t getting pay cable so starting a “G String Confessions” thread is futile.