Kyle XY - 23 July (open spoilers)

I continue to be suprised by this show. Pleasantly.

Number one, I’m really glad that Kyle has decided to spill his guts to Declan. It’s something he should have done a long time ago. I’m not surprised that Foss is untrustworthy. He was icky from the beginning, and when he suddenly became a “good guy”, it just didn’t seem right. The wide-eyed prepubescent romance between Kyle and Amanda is getting a bit tiresome, but I’ll cut it a little slack. I was surprised at how well Josh could dance. And I’m glad for his epiphany.

I haven’t had a chance to catch this episode, since Kyle XY is only showing on ABC Family right now (dammit). I’ve been downloading the episodes whenever they become available, but I haven’t seen this one yet.

I wasn’t surprised that Foss has turned out to be a bad guy, personally- when he originally showed up in the first season, I turned to my wife and said, “He’s a bad guy. He ALWAYS plays bad guys.” It’s nice that I’ve been vindicated.

Good episode. Perhaps just a touch too “Our Lesson For Today Is: Tolerance” for my taste, but OTOH given that I imagine the demographic for this show skews a bit younger than I am it’s good to put the message out at all. I’m pleased that it was two recurring characters on the show who touched off the same-sex couple ticket thing and not some token couple brought in to make the point only never to be seen again. IRL any school in Washington state is probably going to have a Gay-Straight Alliance and an anti-discrimination policy and the more likely outcome would have been a lawsuit.

Good that Kyle is back to trusting Declan again. Declan seemed at the end of last season to be positioned for a major role but with the splits with both Kyle and Lori he seemed in danger of fading off into the background.

Not sure that I’m ready to write Foss off just yet. I have a feeling his involvement is going to be a bit more shaded than the simple “bad guy-good guy-bad guy” cycle he’s on currently.

I think Nicole is going to twig in the next episode or two that there’s something amiss with the insinuation of Jessi and whats-er-name into the family, coupled with the manifestations of weirdness around Jessi. Not sure what exactly she’s gonna do about it…

My guess about Jessi is that she came from the same beaker that spawned Kyle. She seems to spying on him and his guardian family, but why?

That’s not really a guess. We already know that she was created the same way Kyle was. Technically Jessi’s not spying because she’s been programmed to believe she’s a troubled teen. It’s whatsername who’s posing as her sister who’s doing the spying.

I actually like this series a lot. And was delighted to see it return for a second season. The only thing that semi-irks me is the pretend older sister idea. I just don’t buy that a single mother would basically abandon her child in order to spend all this time pretending to be someone else’s relative. I could buy it if she didn’t have a child of her own. But I can’t buy a single mother leaving her child for that amount of time.

I wonder if Jessi will turn out to be smarter/stronger/more special than Kyle because she spent longer in the tank?

Has she left her child? I mean, I know that the child isn’t featured lately or anything. But if they’re going to program all that other stuff into Jessi, making her into an aunt isn’t a stretch.

Well, figure the amount of time she spends at work flirting with Pa Traeger, and then at the fake “home” with her fake sister, and there’s not much time left to spend with her real child. In one episode they had her running out for an errand where she went to tuck her kid in, but how much long could she have been there…30 minutes?

Okay, sorry. I didn’t realize that was a fake home. I thought it was just her plain old home.

Well, if you were working for a boss who seems to have no problem eliminating “problems”, you might do as he orders and be a surrogate sister, too. If I recall, she didn’t want the job, but her boss said, “you will do it!”.


And you know, I think that’s the part that bugs me the most. She’s established a relationship with Ma Traeger, since her “sister” is in Ma’s therapy… and she just happens to work with Pa, and apparently is hitting on him? That’s a situation that can only bite her in the ass- I think she’s overplaying her hand.

I can’t remember… does Kyle know Madacorp is involved in his creation? If so, hiring Dad was a big mistake- who doesn’t talk about work at home?

I don’t think she’s flirting with Papa Trager. We’ve seen one conversation between them and it was entirely about his wife their kids. It may indeed be an overplay, as I mentioned upthread, that she and Jessi are insinuated to the degree that they are, but as of yet flirting doesn’t seem to me to be in the mix.

I think Kyle only knows about Zzyzx, not the connection between Zzyzx and Madacorp.

Hmmm…I don’t know…the first day on the new job she helped him get through that security door, then casually played with the front of his shirt while telling him what a nice color that was. Could just be me, but that seemed more flirty than most co-workers would be. At least at the places I’ve worked. :slight_smile:

Oh right. I’d forgotten about that. So it’s 1-1 flirt vs non-flirt on the job.