La Panse Italian-to-English translation

I hope this doesn’t violate copyright, but I’m looking for a translation for the lyrics of Karl Zero’s La Panse. Babelfish doesn’t seem to know some of the words, and the syntax sometimes doesn’t make sense.

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My Italian boyfriend translates it like this (breast being like the chest, not a woman’s breast exactly):

Each day I change/replace a flower
And I put it on your breast
This morning on your heart
You had put a pansy (he says the sentence isn’t Italian but we guess that’s what it means)
And why did you put the pansy there
If I did make a mistake, now I understand
Will you tell me, beautiful fairy
That you think always of me

Ah ah ah what a beautiful pansy you have
What a beautiful flower you have
Give it to me?
Give it to me?
No, give me your pansy
I’ll keep another one on my chest
And I’ll put them together
My pansy, your pansy
To remember our love

Pansy, pansy
Always think of me

This silky flower
Is very precious to me
When it wilts
I will still keep it

It has 3 petals darling
And each one has a wish
Each petal is coloured
One yellow and 2 brown


You are like a butterfly
That flies around me
And you rest on my shoulder
Like a breast and a pansy
I become naiive
Then I kiss you on the mouth
It feels like fireworks
This kiss that I give you.


Grazie! :slight_smile: