Ladies/appreciators of the male form - the six pack.

I’ve been doing a lot of Russian Twists (aka Trunk Twists, aka Oh God Jesus My Stomach) at the gym to tone up my stomach. Want to know what the prevailing opinion on the six pack (not something I’m specifically aiming for, but still) is. Is it hot shit or does it reek of trying to hard?

If your goal is a six pack, your best bet is to lose weight. Oftentimes, there’s already a lot of nicely toned muscle in there that just needs to be revealed by losing padding and you can’t “spot lose” so it’s got to be overall weight loss.

Really overly bulked up ab muscles aren’t all that attractive IMHO, but nicely defined is good. Most of the straight/bi women I’ve known seem to hold similar opinions and I’m sure theirs matter more to you than those of gay/bi men. There are some out there who lust for that bulging cockroach belly, but that actually seems to be more something straight men want.

Need pictures in order to decide…:0)

Generally, fit is good, but you can go too far. IMHO

Whats an OTT?

I’m not impressed with 6 packs at all, but then I like my men fluffy.

I voted turn-off but it’s not completely disgusting to me. A guy with a 6 pack is probably a guy I’d never notice to begin with, so I’m more “meh” on the subject than anything.

Over The Top; excessive.

Most of the time, a guy with a six pack is going to be a little skinny for my tastes, but it’s not a turnoff by itself.

A six pack is made in the kitchen, not the gym, by having overall low bodyfat.

If you work your abs strenuously without losing the fat, your abs will actually push the fat outwards, make it more visible (true for both men & women).

Overall slim profile is attractive, but I’m not into the ripped look. It’s kind of yucky. The “4 pack” with the lower abs somewhat visible but not ripped, is attractive.

If it’s as a result of day-to-day activity, sure, it’s sexy. Meaning: he has a six-pack because he works as a ranch hand/construction worker/other type of physically intense job.

If it’s because he’s a gym rat and worries about every calorie he puts in his mouth, those two things are so annoying to me that any sexiness of the six-pack is completely negated by Mr. I-gotta-spend-2-hours-a-day-lifting and hell-if-I’m-gonna-kick-back-and-drink-a-beer.

For me it’s all about broad shoulders and strong arms. No need to go to the gym on my account, but if you’re going to, that’s where you should put your efforts in.

So I have this ridiculous crush on a boy who is way too young and stupid for me, but he is beyond adorable and makes me laugh. At one point he lifted up his shirt to wipe the sweat off his face, and I peeped some retardedly fit young boy abs. I pretty much melted on the spot. Answer: So damn hot.

As a guy who never had a six-pack until he was 50, I can tell you: It’s mostly diet.
You can do abs exercises all day long, but unless you get rid of your subcutaneous fat, you’re never going to see them.

Also, the opportunities for displaying your hard work are pretty few, unless you spend a lot of time at the beach…

I don’t think I could date a guy with a 6-pack (I’d feel so incredibly fat and gross next to such a hot guy…) as I prefer fluffier dudes.

But I will and have and will ogle a six-pack. I’ll ogle a flat tummy on a woman, too. And touching a six-pack? Yes please.

Some are saying “Ass is the new abs” … but still, it couldn’t hurt.

I like a toned stomach, but an actual six pack always seems like a bit too much - Daniel Craig coming out of the water in Casino Royal is just about perfect. He looks super fit, but not like he spends 6 hours a day only working one muscle group.

When athletes have some abs as a result of being in overall great shape, yeah, that’s hot. But guys who build muscle for the sake of building muscle have never been a turn-on for me.

Just get active and get in good shape. That’s way hotter than any particular feature.

I know and crush on the type myself. Damn hormones.

If you like a six pack, you’ll love my keg.

It’s not all that important to me. I mean, if a guy takes his shirt off and there are rippling abdominals showing, I won’t turn away in disgust, but it’s not make or break for me.

I weight train as a hobby, and spend a considerable amount of time on more of a body building type than a mass or power lifting; I think a well sculpted physique can be be beautiful. I, however, have never been a fan of the mass monster or over the top definition; it’s unnatural, unhealthy, and frankly, kind of disgusting. I don’t think that a physique needs a six pack to look good and, in fact, many would look imbalanced with anything beyond a faint one without also significantly more definition elsewhere.

Regardless, as others have said, it’s mostly diet, but also some amount of cardio and weight training as well. It’s always going to be a trade off between how much effort one is willing to put in and how much difference it would make. To that point, I think most men would probably be just fine aiming for flat or nearly flat abs and anything extra is just a bonus.