Ladies & Gentlemen: Our Articulate President

This is just sad. He fucks up the answer so bad that the audience laughs at him.

Also, the War on Terror has been renamed:

Kind of lengthy, no?

Actually he clearly said “conscious” instead of “conscience”.

What’s wrong with the second bit? It’s a reasonable joke, even if he did screw up the pronunciation…

Yes, the S.A.I.E.W.D.N.B.I.F.S.W.H.T.U.T.A.A.W.T.T.T.S.T.C.O.T.F.W.


I read that speech and couldn’t imagine what it was like to be in that audience of intelligent, articulate people, who use words for a living, and hear the rambling bullshit. He talks like a moron to them, as if they’re morons.
Some of my favorites:

As opposed to a Hindu-looking person or a Jew-looking person or a Catholic-looking person?

First, if I could, I’d ask why you sent your wife and daughters into the fire zone. Second, I’d ask why someone in your administration outed a valuable al-Qaeda operative. My third question would get me hauled away in chains. If not, then to this next, I would say…

FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!! You lied and sent us to war for no good reason, and murdered over 920 American soldiers and countless thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens for no good reason. Back then you SAID you were a “war president” with a fucking smirk on your face. Now you say THIS?? Fuck you. May you rot in the depths of hell. And your little apologists too.

What a dipshit.
My favorite one was from the day before:

Finally, a bit of truth. See, it’s not so hard George.
There’s more, much more, but I’m going to go throw up and take a shower for having read what I did.

It is a joke, you moron. See the “(laughter)” in brackets? Same goes for you, cmason

By the way, is “shake [the] conscience” a proper and/or common phrase? It doesn’t sound quite right to me.

Anyway why shouldn’t we laugh AT someone for making a bad joke?

They were laughing AT him, not with him.

They’re laughing at him, just as they are in the mp3 I linked.

The worst part is, I can actually see him saying that with his best stern, squinty look; believing he’s saying something stirring and inspiring. What a doofus.

I’ve never thought the man was articulate, but it is a little weird to hear people laughing at the President when he’s trying to be serious.

No way that’s not a scripted laugh line. “We actually misnamed the war on terror, it ought to be the struggle against ideological extremists who do not believe in free societies who happen to use terror as a weapon to try to shake the conscience of the free world.”

There’s no way he came up with that on his own. The fact that he flubbed “conscience” into “conscious” means that it makes no sense - so he’s not coming up with the line off the top of his head, he’s slightly screwing up a pre-written line. It was written for him, which means it had to be an intentional joke.

It was a response to a question from a reporter - it wasn’t scripted. Watch it at cspan, he struggles through the sentence.

Can you give a rough idea of when it happened? I’ve got the video running now.

Equipoise, cmason, I think I may have been wrong. I’m still not sure, but I shouldn’t have been so hasty to insult you. I’m sorry about that.

I can’t get the link to work now. My recollection is that it is around the 29:00 minute mark. I could be way off, though. Sorry.

Okay. If you watch the video on C-SPAN:

The “intern camps” bit starts at about 28:25.

“Thread line/threat line” starts at 31:30.

The “who the heck wants to be a war President” nonsense, which in my opinion is just insulting to everybody’s intelligence, is a minute later. Then comes the tribal sovereignty non-answer.

The big question begins at about 47:20, and the big line is at about 48:30. The audience chuckles. It’s obviously unscripted and I think there’s no way he means it as a joke. He also says the mission is to achieve a democratic Iraq. Which is kinda interesting, I think. Lastly, I was amused when he said “He’s trying to get me to put a timetable out there. I’m not going to do it, see.” It made me think of his father. :wink:

And Iyad Allawi is “a tough, strong guy who believes that Iraq can be free and democratic.” Okay.

No problem. It’s hard to believe that the leader of the free world (snort) is so amazingly dumb, so I don’t blame you. I haven’t watched the whole video, but Kieth Olbermann played that S.A.I.E.W.D.N.B.I.F.S… bit on his MSNBC show Countdown. Bush was dead serious. The audience was snickering, as was the sound man. Olbermann also played the “sovereign entities” bit, and the audience was just outright laughing at Bush. It was embarrassing and hilarious at the same time.

Thanks for the timings Marley23.

Reminds me of some of our better chants, back in the day.

Down with the Amerikan imperialist capitalist fascist pigs, waging war against the innocent Vietnamese people!

Took some doing to get a rhythm going, though.

For all the griping you folks do about the man, you’d think you would know him better. That was obviously one of his dead-pan ‘jokes’. Not in the Comedy Castle stand-up comic style, but humorous intent nonetheless.

I’m not through my first cuppa joe yet, so my humour circuit is not functioning well yet. I don’t get it. What’s the joke? Is it “They don’t like ‘The War on Terror’, so I’ll make up something ridiculously long. Haha.”? If that’s it, then I guess you had to have been there, because I’m not getting the “joke”. :confused: