Ladies - is getting DP'ed "the ultimate?" REALLY?

I met up with some friends for after-Thanksgiving cheer, and after several rounds two of the women in the group started talking sex, and things got frank quickly. Somehow things got on the subject of Threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes, and I was surprised when the two women - and a third who wasn’t really tight with our group, but was in the bottle by then - started talking about how getting DP’ed was analogous to the standard guy fantasy of “two chicks at the same time.” I countered that this was more of an artifact of hetero male-oriented porn, and that most women didn’t share the fantasy and that most of the ones that did were probably only doing so or saying so in order to have an analogous “the ultimate” bedroom fantasy. They insisted that most of their girlfriends felt the same way, but that women “don’t talk about it like guys do.”

Ladies, what’s the dope on this one? I don’t really buy it.

Uh, help a friend out here. What’s being DP’ed?

Double penetrated, that is having more than one weiner in you at the same time.

Double penetration: vaginally and anally, at the same time. Two penises. One woman.

As for the OP, nope, not mine, not ever, never occurred to me to want.

Doesn’t have to be divided between orafices according to the vast wasteland of the Google image search.

OK, well, there you go.

Nope, no fantasy of mine.

No woman I know has ever even alluded to be interested in such a thing. It must be a fantasy for SOME women, but it can’t be very common.

Nor is it a fantasy of mine. (ewww)

However, there is an erotica writer’s site I visit now and then which has forums on assorted related topics, and this one does crop up with some frequency in the “female fantasies” section. (most often in the form of a 3-some involving oral penetration along with “other”)

But judging by the “male fantasies” section, it is much more common among men. (meaning, the 3-some with their woman and another man and associated “DP”)

Ew. Ewwwwwwww. Ew. ew. ew. ew. ew. ew. ew. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

That help you out any? :smiley:

Honestly as a dude I can say that I’m not interested in it either. It’s just two guys almost or actually rubbing their dicks together. No thanks.

Does being a human Chinese fingertrap count? If so, sign me up!

I think one in the vag and one in the ass is something that works better as a fantasy than reality. So yes, as a fantasy that I don’t necessarily want to make reality, at least not in this iteration of it.


It’s an okay fantasy, possibly something to be played with involving toys/fingers and one partner, but actually playing out your own little bow chika wow wow scenario? Uh, no.

I’ve been curious about it, but no, it’s not really a big fantasy, let alone the “ultimate” fantasy.

Yeah, ditto. I think it would be a major owie, too. (But I’m kind of sensitive about things penetrating me in my butthole…)

Me too. Have never been into that…no fantasies re’ that whatsoever.

Oh hell no. I’ve never even heard of it being something that women commonly want.

You must hang out with some sick bitches.

I’ve known two women who were really into it, or at least a variation. Not two men, but they both liked a penis in one orifice and a good-sized vibrator in the other. So either I know weird women or it’s more common than you think.

Were these high school girls? Because I hear they’re into it.

yes, I have gone to DP land more than once, and I’m not sure it was the ULTIMATE…
but I would happily go there again, given two consenting partners :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: *
I enjoyed that very much indeed :wink:

oh yeah, both as a sandwich and with one gentleman on either end of me :wink:
they seemed to enjoy it too :smiley:

*unfortunately, straight guys seem to be scared to have erections in front of other guys :smack: why’s that?

It’s especially true if they’re precocious. You know, the whole Juno effect.