Ladies, is this unsexy

Assume you go out for dinner with a guy and he says that the two of you should split the bill. You agree, and he pulls out a ‘buy one get one free’ coupon and says “Ok, my half of the bill is free then” and leaves you to pay for your half. Would it be inappropriate if he still tried to grope you in the car?

There wouldn’t be any room in the car for the woman because all the extra space would be taken up by the huge balls he’d have to have to ask this question.

If you don’t know the answer to this, you will never, ever get laid.

I think it’s sexy. I’d happily take such a person to bed.

And after I’d slowly peeled his clothes off, and nibbled his toes, and run my fingers along his inner thighs and while he was moaning with delight of the anticipated pleasure to come…

I’d rip his balls off with my teeth. :smiley:

I’m not sure how he’d grope me in the car, because one of us would be taking a cab home.

I’m a guy, but my guess is that she’d leave him to pay his half, and never, ever speak with him again. So he’d never even have the opportunity to “grope” her.

I dunno…it might work on an IU chick. Why don’t you try it out and let us all know how it goes?

You’ve screwed me once already tonight.

Regardless of the actual seriousness of this question, I’ll answer it as though it’s completely earnest:

Coupons on a date are generally considered very poor form. On the who-pays-for-the-date front, I would consider it ideal if the fellow offered to pay for both (financial resources permitting); the lady, however, would naturally decline this offer and pay her own way. Regardless of who pays for what, no one owes anyone anything sexually, and any groping in the car is by mutual consent.

[/Amy Vanderbilt]

So yes, not sexy, and I’d hope to be able to weed out any fellows with inclinations in that direction before we actually got to the dating stage.

The polite thing for the woman to do is to:
a) Saying, “Yoink!” grab the coupon from the man’s hand, and use it to cover her part of the evening’s fare; or
b) Ensure that she orders a less-expensive meal than him. Such coupons always cover the cost of the less expensive meal, so hers, not his, will be free.

In any case, groping in the car afterward is most likely to be on the floor, to see if that’s where one dropped his sense of decency.

Great thread topic!

Hey Wesley, don’t forget to tell us how your date went.

Unless they have an internet conection at the hospitlal; I don’t think he’s gonna be able to.

Mr. Blue Sky That’s firck’n classic!

To be fair, if it is two college students, neither of them probably have much money. In that case, the cool thing to do would be to quietly and coolly present the coupon to the waiter, and pay the difference yourself. Unless the girl is a total BITCH, I don’t think she could hold wanting to save a few bucks against you. If it’s a first date and the guy asked, it is the guy’s duty to pay anyway, so why should she complain? Still, don’t make a big deal, wave the coupon around, or brag about saving money (bad form!).

If you ever get to the point of seeing each other regularly and taking turns paying, there wouldn’t be anything wrong at all with using a coupon occasionally, but it just isn’t as slick and smooth on an early date where you’re trying to be as impressive as possible. If a girl offers to pay on a first date, that’s a good sign, but don’t let her. Tell her she can pick up the tab next time, which is a good sign that you want there to be a “next time.” And NEVER expect to get any afterwards. I never even tried to kiss girls goodnight on the first date. It avoids awkward situations early on, and hopefully can give you both something to look forward to when there is more of a comfort zone between you.

If you do this, you are the date from hell.

Yes. Of course, the idea I’d even get in a car with him following such an incident is ludicrious.

That is unbelieveably tacky.

Please tell me the guy in question here wasn’t you.

I think it’s incredibly tacky. He’s sticking the girl with the full charge, plus the tip, and I’m assuming he picked the restaurant to pull this off, too. It just screams to me “I didn’t really want a date, I wanted a free dinner.”

If the guy wanted to save a little money, the guy could present the coupon and then offer to split the remaining tab. This at least shows that he cares about the girl a little bit, rather than just using her for a meal ticket. After all, it’s not like a gift certificate – her purchase was needed for the coupon to apply.

I have to admit that I would probably think a guy who pulled this on a date was selfish and cheap, so I doubt that there would be much groping.

Coupons are for couples. That’s why they call 'em coupons. :wink:

When you’re at the courting stage, you’re supposed to pretend that they don’t exist. Like farts.

But which stinks more?


Heh. Well, I would probably admire the guy’s balls, but I would still be in a taxi home before he could say “And could you grab the tip as well?”