Ladies - What kind of glasses d you like a guy to wear? Wire, Rimless, or Thicker

I am about to get a new pair of glasses and would like the opinion of some of the women here as to what kind of glasses they like guys to wear. I have always worn wire frames but I this time I was thinking of getting a thicker frame. I told a female friend of mine that I thinking of getting a differnet kind of glasses and she was pretty excited that I was thinking of getting thicker frames because she thinks they are sexy. So ladies, what type of glasses do you like?

Here is a link to the glasses I am thinking of getting:

Personaly, I like the thicker frames. The ones Rivers Cuomo from weezer wears.

I can’t find a decent picture of him, and my sites aren’t working, but if I find one I will post it.

If any others have one, post it up please.

The thicker-framed ones I think make people look more intelligent than the other kinds… I don’t know why that is, but at least it seems that way to me. Rimless ones, well I guess I would describe them as more cool-looking, or maybe more modern or something.

I’d go for the thicker ones. :slight_smile:

(BTW, I couldn’t see the ones in the link)

But I think thicker also works better if you have darker or more prominent features; if you’re too light, they might be overpowering.

I’m a sucker for boys who wear glasses. As for preference, it depends a lot on eye color and face. I think you should post a picture and let us see you. :cool:

I like the ones you linked to, try refreshing the link rose, but they don’t seem particularly thick to me. Granted, I’ve been wearing glasses forever and am currently in a Drew Careyesqe thick plastic frame (in bright blue!) so it might be my perspective that’s skewed.

Rimless are cool looking, but the thicker ones hold up better IMO. Go for the linked pair. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, the thicker squarish glasses are sexy. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks guys in glasses are so very, very hot.

I had a hard time trying to pick my last pair of glasses. I hadn’t bought new ones in 6 years and they were scratched and out of date.

I was originally looking for ones that looked like my old ones but the nice women at the glasses store showed me these and basically told me I was not allowed to look at any other frames if I wanted to look at all appealing to the opposite sex :slight_smile:

I got them in dark brown and I’ve gotten not a few compliments on them, I guess the squared look is in. I almost got some similarly shaped plastic frames that were a sort of dark greenish sort of colour that also looked nice but Ihave a thing against plastic frames.

Get frames like MikeG just posted. My best friend has glasses just like that and he is ultraswanky.

I like the Rivers type frames too. Black and squareish but thicker. It’s a sexy look. Wire frames are not my thing. Every time I see a guy in wire frames I have to imagine him getting better glasses before I can determine whether he is attractive.

I want to get new glasses so I can look more Tina Feyish and attract the type of guys who like smart girls but I can’t because no matter what frames I get I look just like Millhouse :frowning: I wish it weren’t so.

When it comes to thick frames to me, it depends on the man’s face, how the frames suit it, etc. (The ones linked in MikeG’s post are really cool for example.) Color, thickness of frame, your own coloring, etc. come into play here.

My personal preference is either wire-rimmed (except for aviator frames, ugh) or rimless, just because they seem to suit most faces.

I’m a guy, and I’ve had specs for about two years now with thick, black, Drew-Carey frames; I get lots of compliments on them. I got them because I have a serious case of babyface and I wanted something somewhat forceful to give my face some definition. Mission accomplished: I finally don’t get carded for beer anymore (at age 32).

I love guys with glasses. I know the glasses shown in the link are back in vogue but I personally like wire frames.
It really all comes down to what suits your face shape, colouring and also what image you want to project.

There’s a lot of frames I like, but I think more depends upon what looks good on a person. Like jastu said, some frames can look cool, but not necessarily on everyone’s face. My main squeeze (getting tired of SO) wears glasses, and though I like River’s, he’d look kinda silly in them. I have fat cheeks, and certain sunglasses I’ve tried on, rest on them in the worst way. I’d look better in the glasses MikeG linked to. So short answer, depends.

My only general preference is not the freebie military issue glasses that people get in basic. There’s a reason those are known as “birth control glasses.” Eek. I’m so glad my brother didn’t have to wear those. Otherwise, I dunno, it’d depend on the guy in question and how he looked in them, I guess.

For those who can’t see the first link:

Brooks Brothers Glasses 611 - Brown/Sand

The one the OP posted was Black/Honey, but the style should be the same.

I like the really thick, squarish black ones that you see in recent movies. The kind Justin Theroux wore in “Mulholland Drive,” the kind that Mark Ruffalo wore in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” Thick, black frames. OH yeah…

I like for guys to wear glasses that look good on them, and what type that is will vary by guy. Trust me, wearing something because you look and feel good in it will get you a lot further than wearing something you’re neutral about just because “chicks dig it”. The former is sexy; the latter is just trying too hard.

Here is some Rivers pictures. The glasses I like are pictures 8 and 10.

Uh oh. It won’t direct you straight to the page, so once you get there, just click on “many rivers” it gives you the pictures. Sorry for the inconvince :slight_smile:

(By the way, the site isn’t mine)

I am… astonished.

Utterly astonished, that so many people think thick frames are in. I tend to associate them with either a) memories of childhood shame at having to wear glasses and thick ones are the only durable kind for a kid, or b) thick old-fashioned glasses that my grandparents wore. I was so glad to liberate myself to wire frames… and then contact lenses.

I’ve seen quite a few people wearing squared glasses, which I like, but the glasses that MikeG don’t seem particularly thick to me. The BrooksBrothers frames that ParentalAdvisory pointed to are close to, but not over, the edge of grandparent-oldfashioned to me.

Am I that much out of touch? Is my definition of ‘thick’ thicker than others? Or do I just have the fashion sense of a slug, as usual?

So, how you doin’? :slight_smile: