Ladies, what's your favorite body wash?

My favorite is Burt’s Bees Peppermint & Rosemary Body Wash, but not for this time of year - it’s very cooling. It’s great when it’s really hot out in the summer. I like the Gud products, too. My favorite scent is “Cherrynova” which is cherry & almond.

It does have a lasting scent, but it’s light enough so that I can wear my perfume with it. I generally wear Clinique Happy or Bath and Body Works Sea Island Cotton and there isn’t a clash of scents.

Philosophy Grace - delicate scent and very moisturizing. I use the lotion as well.

I always have one of their other body washes on the go as well for post gym scrub downs right now it is the raspberry scented one previously margherita.

My favorite is Philosophy Black Licorice regrettably it is almost impossible to find. At Christmas time I make Springerle and it smells similar (anise.) My next fav is Philosophy Candy Cane. Really any of their food scents are wonderful. (I have never tried their non food scents.)

My go to is Lush’s Flying Fox and no, I haven’t noticed it drying out my skin. Plus, it smells super sexy sexy!

I haven’t noticed that, but then, I slather on lotion after I get out of the shower, no matter what kind of soap or body wash I use. So, I can’t say that it isn’t drying me, but I can’t say that it is, either… Because it’s winter, I’m using a lot of alkmaar (which feels like cream in the shower) and demon in the dark (smells like winter).

I use spa gloves for the lather problem.

I’m a fan of Dr. Bronner’s castile soap. The giant bottles last forever and there are a bajillion scents to choose from. I haven’t noticed the scent lingering though.

I very nearly bought that one. Instead I got Olay soothing cucumber, which moisturizes well, is also pretty cheap, and like you said, the smell is tolerable and doesn’t linger. When that’s finished, next up is Olay body butter ribbons, whose scent isn’t labeled, but I smelled it and it’s violets. Which is good.

I don’t know, I don’t think I’ve ever bought the same body wash twice. I keep looking for one whose scent I really like instead of merely tolerating, in addition to being good for my skin.

I find that shampoos+conditioners are more likely to do that. Never noticed a body wash clash. In the shower, these sorts of fragrances get rinsed off your skin better than out of your hair.

Dove Deep Moisture body wash is awesome. It leaves your skin oh so soft, and like someone else said, moisturizes so well you can generally skip lotion.

Second favorite is Ivory Waterlily because it smells good without being perfumey, and doesn’t cost very much.

Do the lotion advocates put lotion on your whole body after every shower? Sounds like it could get tedious and a bit messy D:

My skin is super dry, but if I use the right body wash I don’t need to use body lotion regularly. I DO need hand lotion a million times a day and face lotion at least every day.

Olay in-shower body lotion, or whatever it’s called, works surprisingly well though if you want a moisturizer that isn’t messy at all. You use it after body wash and then rinse it off.

I like pretty much everything by St. Ives, but my favorite is Mineral Therapy. Excellent moisturizing qualities, plus it smells very nice afterward. It’s not a perfumed scent or anything–just a general “fresh and clean” scent.

Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash, fragrance-free, 'cause I’m allergic to fragrance.

Bath & Body Works Signature - Sweet Pea. Second would be the Coconut/Lime.

I asked Mrs. Ducati what she’d like to use in the shower.

She replied “Jason Statham”.

Right now I’m using a Dial product, don’t remember the scent, it’s blue. It doesn’t say it moisturizes but it actually does, better than the Dove and Olay I’d been using.

What works best for me and is easier than applying lotion is light almond oil. I put it on before drying with a towel, and just pat dry. It doesn’t feel greasy or oily, and if you like a scent, you can add a scent. Great stuff. You can get it on-line by the gallon.

I’ve heard- and I don’t know how true it is, but I suppose it at least somewhat makes sense- that your skin is more receptive to moisture after a hot shower where your pores are all open and such. So, by slathering on your creams post shower, you’re going to get the most bang for your buck.

I like Soft Soap Body Butter Heavenly Vanilla - This stuff. Smells wonderful!

What a prescient thread!

I love Burt’s bees peppermint bodywash; I got it 50% off at a drug store going out of business but full price it’s $8/bottle and not worth it IMO.

But I’d like to find a very strong, pepperminty bodywash that’s only 3-5$/bottle.

Any recommendations, fellow dopers?