Lady, I promise I wasn't hitting on your barely-adolescent daughter(s).

No, really. Jesus Christ.

So I stopped into my favorite local guitar shop on the way home from work. I have been pricing and playing various guitars with vague hopes of scraping together enough cash to buy a new electric.

I walk to the back, pick up an Ibanez AXS32, plug it in, and start testing it out. At some point in there, two barely-adolescent gothed-out girls wandered over and asked if I minded if they listen. I said no problem, played a little more, and one of them remarked, “I like that.”

I thanked her, and asked if she played. She responded that she was learning, ad that she had yet to buy a decent guitar, but was saving up.

I encouraged her to keep it up, etc.

At this point, a person who was presumably the mother of one or both the girls, comes clopping over in her wooden shoes and in a state of great agitation.

Mom: “Come away from there right now!”

Girl 1: …

Mom: “Now!”

Me (with kind of a halfway grin, cause I can’t believe this is happening): Hi. Were just talking…about…gui…

Mom: Ignores me. Refuses to acknowledge my existence.

Girl 1: “We were ju…”

Mom: Clops over to her and grabs her wrist, dragging her off. Shoots me PainfulHideousDeath glare as she does.

Girl 2 follows.

I just sat there for a few minutes, utterly mortified, face on fire. Jesus Christ, lady! They’re kids! I wasn’t hitting on them. I was just having a friendly conversation. You know, like humans do.

It’s still making me oogy hours later, just thinking about it. I’m sure all this just goes to show something, but I’m damned if I know what.

Are you sure that the tune you were playing wasn’t that much-loved classic, “Hey underage girl in the guitar store, wouldn’t you like to have SEX with me?”

I know it sucks because everybody is paranoid. Of course any man that talks to a young girl has something evil in mind, what bull.
I blame all those guys out there who really do like pre teen girls, they make all us guys look bad.

Should’ve thrown the guitar at her or something, mate. :frowning:

Umm, why not?

Maybe you have the bad-boy type look?
Tattoos, piercings, leather jacket, you know, that sort of thing?

Or, it could be (and this happened to me before), that she mistook you for a Doper.
:smack: I’m mean a drug addict.
You see, I used to be a geeky-thin, pale-don’t-see-the-sun type person, and a few people have mistakenly assumed that I did drugs.

Maybe the mother has never been hit on.

Alternatively, the mother was upset that you were encouraging the kid to go for a guitar when the mother has been after her to take up the viola da gamba for the last four years.

I have an 11 year old daughter and I would never be that rude to anyone just for talking to her. Maybe that lady shouldn’t bring them out in public if she worried they might accidently have a (GASP!) conversation!

I think that’s it. Ogre, your response should’ve been: “Sorry, I was just talking to your… [your eyes meet] … sisters? Well, hello there. And how you doing?”

Then just stare at her with this intense glare while you start playing like you never played. “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” by Neil Diamond. You’d have had her out of her wooden shoes in no time.

I’m a rather burly (6’1", 230 lb) 32 year old fellow who’s going slightly grey and has thinning hair. While I perfectly agree that a rather burly (6’1", 230 lb) 32 year old fellow who’s going slightly grey and has thinning hair should not be hitting on little girls, I must point out once again that I WASN’T.

Now if I had been playing something like Motorhead’s “Jailbait,” like Snoo[sup]4[/sup]py suggested, I could understand. But I was playing jazz licks ferchrissakes.

Thankyou.If only the girl’s parents at the trial had been like you,then I would not ended up being locked away as a ‘public nuisance’ :eek:

Uhhhh hhhhhuhhuh huh huh huhhuh huh… “licks.”

Hey not all us mother types fall for you smooth talking gay blokes :smiley:

Of course the mother in the OP needs “mothers little helpers”…they sell them in guitar shops eh?

Oh, the old “don’t hit on them, just play jazz licks” move, eh?

How insidious!

Foolish mother, to imprint you as well with the “mom doesn’t like him” stamp of teen approval.

They are yours, now, to toy with as you will.


Honestly, the state of the community is in ruin. It really is. Because of all these perverts, criminals, and general deviants out there us normal people can’t even speak to each other anymore. What the hell??

Well presumably she’s been hit on at least once. :smiley:

Hey, for some folks it wouldn’t matter what you were doing. Maybe mom didn’t want her kid playing guitar and there you were encouraging it by playing one yourself. Therefore, you’re a rock n’ roll deviant out to corrupt the girlies. Honestly, I don’t think she even took the time to look at you. Just saw her kid with *a man * and freaked out.

Are you sure she wasn’t pulling them away from you for some other reason? Maybe they were in trouble for doing something before and weren’t supposed to have been wondering around having fun, or maybe they were supposed to watch a younger sibling someplace else.

Then a guitar shop is a pretty odd place to take her daughter. :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t take it too hard. You have no idea what happened in the 24 hours prior to this experience. Perhaps she’s been having a rough day with her daughter. Maybe the coffee shop was all out of decaf. Maybe her next stop was the DMV. Maybe the daughter is trying on teenaged roles and mom’s not ready to deal. Maybe she was afraid her daughter was the one doing the hitting and you weren’t doing enough to discourage it. Maybe she really hates jazz.

Honestly, you’ll never know. Just keep being a cool guy and not hitting on young girls and realize that the world is full of people you simply can’t figure out.

My Dingaling ain’t jazz.