Lamest Reason You've Had For Being Stood Up

Having never been stood up on a date ( :dubious: I wouldn’t know…

But I was wondering what are some of the WORST reasons people gave you why they stood you up on a date or appointment


I have broken off relationships, but I have never stood anyone up. In my single years, I was stood up several times by jerks who apparently found something better to do. The lamest reason by far: “I’m sorry I didn’t come over. I couldn’t come because my mother was sick.”

The guy had apparently forgotten that, several months earlier, I had attended his mother’s funeral. :rolleyes:

At least this one’s probably honest:

“Sorry I didn’t come, but I just got Guitar Hero, and it’s a lot of fun!”

I would have preferred a lie of some fashion.

I got one a long time ago…to her credit, she really believed it. it wasn’t a date, but this is what she said:

“The spirits came to me in my dreams last night and told me I shouldn’t cross the bridge today.” We lived on opposite sides of the Hudson River.

And you know what? That night, the bridge was washed away!

No, it wasn’t. Nothing happened. there wasn’t even any rain. :rolleyes:

He called to say he was a wee bit too tipsy (meaning roaring drunk) to drive over and pick me up for our date, so you wanna go out tomorrow instead when he’s sober enough to drive? :rolleyes:

Yeah, buddy. Sober up and we’ll just go out tomorrow instead. Riiiiight. :rolleyes:

Never got stood up for a date, but I did get 'dear jane’ed while in the hospital after almost dying. On the phone. Jerk didn’t even bother coming to visit me, he called from the flat I was sharing with a friend of mine when he came over to drop off anything I might have left at his flat and pick up anything he left at mine. I was on the phone with my roomie when he came over. He dumped a copy paper box of stuff on my bed, and filled it with his stuff, and when Pam told me what he just did, he figured out it was me on the phone, asked her for the reciever and when I asked him what he did [because Pam was sort of puzzled and mildly incoherent] he said that he came to get his stuff, and my stuff was on my bed.

WFT :confused:

Then he did the usual crap and said that we could still be friends, and he was looking forward to going to the Who concert with me still [I had won the tickets off the radio.] :smack:

Nothing that had happened to make me think anything was wrong with our relationship, I just went to work one day and got gassed. It had been a normal week for us other than a little hazmat emergency. Sort of like that line in Willow -

“My mom said I had to go to the dentist.” Okay, to be fair, he really was at the dentist; I know this because his mouth was full of bloody gauze when he answered the door. But I missed the part where his mom also broke his fingers so he couldn’t call me and reschedule. Of course, he probably missed the ten or so times she told him he had a dentist appointment on Saturday…

I actually was turned down with the line, “I have to wash my hair.” Really.

However, she called me back about five minutes later saying that her hair could wait.

I had a friend who kept making plans with me and then “forgetting” about them. At the time, she was the one with access to a car, so I’d be waiting for her to pick me up, and waiting, and waiting . . . Call her place, no answer. Finally get hold of her the next day: “Hey, where were you last night?” “Oh, sorry, I forgot all about it.” Lather, rinse, repeat. Not too many times, as I finally called her on it and got some lame story. I quit agreeing to plans with her after that.

And it’s not like she was trying to “dump” me – most of the time the plans were her idea!

After a while we dropped out of touch, big surprise. My mom ran into her a few years ago, and she said, “Have Scarlett call me sometime!” and gave my mom her number. I didn’t call but a short time later I found her work e-mail address and dropped her a line . . . no response. People are weird.

I don’t know if this one is lame, or just plain weird:

Date was supposed to pick me up at 7:00. No show, no call. I finally fall asleep on the couch watching tv.

Doorbell rings at about 11:30. There is date, still in his very odiferous work clothes (outside job, Southern state) drunk off his ass and dripping wet. He screams at the top of his lungs how glad he is to see me, and starts stripping off his clothes on my front porch.

The story was, he stopped off after work for “one beer”, and some other guy drove his truck into a pond. Which date and some other guys then assisted with getting the truck out of the pond…which led to another beer…etc. etc.

Should have let him finish stripping naked, taken the clothes, and shut the door.

I hope you said, “Sorry, I was hoping for someone with clean hair.”

He canceled our date, because he had “to do laundry.”

I mean, would a little lie out of consideration have killed him? But then again, do I really want to date a guy with those kinds of social skills?

I was stood up one night after initial 2 great dates with a new man and got a phone call 6 weeks later explaining how much he liked me and how he had a gotten off of work early and how the guys had beer at the yard and he had a few and then didn’t want to drive over to see me cuz he had a DUI in Texas and he really liked this job and me and I was the kind of girl you marry and could he come over tomorrow night and take me anywhere I’d want to go and meet his folks this weekend?
So…you got drunk and forgot we had a date
and it’s 3 AM now…

Drove about ten miles to her place. Note taped to her door: “Sorry. Call me tomorrow and I’ll explain.”

Oddly enough, I never quite got around to calling, and of course, she didn’t call me.

I had to give a reason once. My own forgetfulness was the real reason. I whipped out a lame excuse from a list of pretty surreal excuses*, however:

“The grunion are running.”

It was just mysterious enough to keep the guy trying, though. We ended up pretty damn good friends, but never did get very romantic. I think the grunion doomed it. :smack:

    • you could probably find this list by Googling easily enough. Some are pretty good.

I made plans with a girl to have lunch one Saturday. On Saturday morning, I rang her and found out that since I had not called her on Friday, she had assumed I wanted to cancel the date so she had agreed to work extra shifts on Saturday.

Never did end up meeting up with her…

HAHAHAH!!! :smiley:

falls over

I am not sure that this is lame, it was the truth.

“Sorry I missed you, my husband came home and I had to stay with him”

We had dated on and off for about three weeks and I never knew about a husband. :confused:

We were supposed to meet at the top of the Empire State Building. I was so excited I ran into the street and got hit by a car. He waited for me for hours…

…oh no, that was a Love Affair to Remember…

The weakest excuse I’ve ever heard, “I have to take my mother to the doctor.” If mom had had an emergency and needed to rush to the hospital it would have been understandable, but I don’t know too many M.D.s open at 10pm on a Friday night.

From a young woman I’d arranged to meet in a public place:

“I couldn’t remember exactly what you looked like, and by the time I found out you weren’t the guy I was with, I liked him too much to leave his apartment.”