Last 30 minutes of Spider Man 2 (spoilers!)

I just took my kid to Spider Man 2, and he was being so difficult and selfish that we left the theater with about 35 minutes left to go in the film. There’s no way I can get to a theater again to watch the whole movie (sans child!) for at least a week, and I’m really upset that I didn’t get to see the whole thing. Can someone give me a very brief synopsys on what happens near the end?

Just before we left, Aunt May was giving Peter a speech about The Hero in All of Us; I didn’t catch all the dialog (“SqueegeeJr, stop kicking the seat in front of you this instant!”), but there seemed to be an undertone that perhaps May had guessed Peter was Spider Man…? Anyway, we left for the bathroom at that point and never returned, so I don’t know what came after.

So, I assume Peter decided to get back with his red&blue tights, and Doc Ock didn’t kill him. Does he get the girl?

There’s a lot of fan speculation that May knows, but it’s not explicitly confirmed anywhere in the movie. Spiderman beats Dr. Octopus, and makes him realize the errors of his ways, and Ock sacrifices himself to stop the unstable fission reaction his invention has started. MJ learns that Peter is Spiderman, and he explains why that means they can never be together. Luckily for him, he she disagrees.

Also, thanks for keeping an eye on your kid in the theater, and leaving when he was acting inappropriately, instead of sticking around to see a movie you were clearly more intertested in than he was. If only every parent who takes their kid to a theater were more like you.

You missed one of the coolest action scenes ever committed to film, so you’d better hightail it to a cinema ASAP.

OK, that makes sense – the last time we see the Doc, he was rebuilding the fusion reactor bigger and better. Anyone could see he’d get it started and have a city-destroying bomb on his hands at some point. Does he blow up with his reactor, or throw himself in the river as he forshadowed earlier?

Wow, I’m miffed I missed that. I assume the relationship is left hanging somehow until the next movie. ?

Thanks, I appreciate the thought. It’s my responsibility to make sure he acts appropriately, and when he no longer could, we left. It wasn’t done to punish him – he didn’t really care at that point.

He uses his bionic arms to collapse the entire warehouse, and sink both him and his mini-sun into the river.

Not really. It’s pretty clear that they’re officially together at that point. She shows up at his door wearing a wedding dress, having left Jameson Jr. at the altar. I’d say that’s a loose end pretty firmly tied up, although what reaction astronaut stud Jameson Jr. will have to being stood up on his wedding day for nerdy freelance photographer Peter Parker is still unresolved.

And J. Jonah Jameson has the best line in the entire movie when his son is dumped. Worth another eight buck alone to see it.

Yup, as foreshadowed.

Ok, I get it – Peter tells her the Big Secret, runs off to battle Ock. MJ leaves to get married, and later runs out of the wedding her wedding, unbenownst to PP. Sometime later, Peter’s won the Big Battle, and he’s home assuming MJ is married and gone forever. A knock on the door, it’s MJ in the white dress. Fade to black. Close enough?

My guess would be it involves the money spent on the wedding & reception.

How does Peter ever past not having a life because of his responsibility to be Spidey? Or is his telling MJ the truth about himself alleviate that issue somewhat? And how will he get to class, hold a job, pay the bills, if he’s Spidey again?

And how does he get his uniform back?

Thanks large for the info-dumpage.

In a rather funny scene, JJJ is pacing in his office, having finally realized the errory of his ways. Because Spiderman is gone, crime is up 66%, etc etc. In the middle of a sentance about what a hero Spiderman is, the costume (which is hanging up on Jameson’s wall) is zipped away and replaced with a snarky note from Spiderman.

Jameson switches paddles midstream and calls for Spiderman’s head, back to business once again.

And MJ was kidnapped by Doc Ock. She was present at the final battle. Peter says “See? It’s way too dangerous for you to be my gal.” But the rest was pretty much like you said. Wedding, she runs out, yeah yeah.

That is funny. Sweet.

Shoulda seen that one coming, it’s pretty much the same “place the kid in danger to motivate the hero” device as the first movie.

So, how does Peter accommodate his inner angst at being Spidey, thus having no life?

And how does he get his Powers back (and why did they leave?) ?

BTW, it occurs to me that the scene where Peter runs into a burning building and saves a baby is the first time he’s a real hero – he’s no longer Spider Man, he’s just some guy in his street clothes with no superpowers who does something incredibly dangerous to save another. That’s a real hero.

I just saw the movie again a few hours ago and I have noticed that one HUGE thing has been left out so far…

There was this itty bitty scene with Harry osbourne in the end. He is in his office and hears a door open and slam, as he gets up to see who it could be he glances at the large mirror in the room and sees none other than his father staring back at him. Apparently his father is alive within him and he wants Harry to kill Spiderman now that he knows who he is. Harry, enraged at the idea his ‘father’ gives him throws his dagger (the one he almost stabbed Spidey with) into the mirror smashing it and revealing a secret room behind it. Inside it contains his father Green Goblin helmet and several of the orange bombs, and of course a second glider.

In the final end scene there was a pretty cool part, as Doc Ock was bringing down his mini sun contraption into the water (put out the flame, get it?) one of the walls of the factory begins to fall onto MJ, Spidey manages to run underneath it and hold this huge freakin wall up for a few minutes saving MJ while having a heart to heart conversation with her, until he finally decides its best to chuck the wall over his head into the water.

Miller I have to disagree about how funny Jonahs line was. Maybe we find different thigns to be funny.

  1. We don’t know, because we forgot. I assume they can live off of MJ’s riches.
  2. I’m guessing that having motivation (MJ) in his life was what kept his soul alive and his reason for doing what he does, and being passionate about it. When he learned MJ was getting married his heart sank, and so did his powers.
    Its important to note that in the cafe scene with Pete and MJ, Pete was an ordinary guy at that point. Then MJ asked Peter for a kiss, all of a sudden his Spider man abilities kick back into motion and his spider senses kick in allowing him to save himself and her from the car being thrown through the window.
    Once realizing that Mj was in danger his super strength got him out from the rubble and his perfect vision returned, not to mention the rest of his abilites.

Teelo, (and everyone!) thanks large for the elaboration.

So Spidey’s loss of powers seems to have been an, ahem, performance problem? – without MJ, he couldn’t function, but when she needed that spidey stuff, he could perform, right?

I hope it was more subtle than that, it seems so…viagradatuitous.

oops: “viagratuitous”

It’s a sled. A danged, stupid sled.

One more question:

In the final battle with Doc Ock, is Peter in his Spider Man costume? Or has he not yet gotten it back from JJJ – so Peter battles DO in his skivvies, which is why MJ knows Peter is Spider Man? If not, how does MJ learn PP’s secret? Thanks!!!

JThunder: huh?

More or less. It works on the big screen, though. Really. Also best not to think too hard about how Spiderman knows where Doctor Octopus’s new lab is when he shows up to save MJ.

He doesn’t really fully resolve them (nor should he, any more than Batman should ever “get over” the death of his parents: it’s an essential part of the character) but with MJ in the know about his secret identity, that’s one less person he has to keep making excuses to. Plus, she can help him cover with other people when he has to rush out and stop a runaway train, or whatever. Basically, at the end of the movie his life still sucks in almost every other respect, but so long as he can save lives as Spiderman and still come home to MJ at night, he can live with all the other crap.

Teelo: You left out that Harry also finds a few vials of super-serum (or whatever that stuff was that gave the first GG super-strength etc.)

Miller, thanks for the insight.

I agree, I wouldn’t expect Peter to just “get over” these issues. However, the weight of being Spider Man, as depicted in the film, as not just troublesome but crushing, as is his issues with MJ. I’d expect a denoughment to note that his heart is now lighter, for whatever reason (apparently that reason is MJ at the end) and he can now shoulder the terrible burden once again.

You should see the end of the movie. It’s handled extremely well, for the most part, and I don’t think you’d be disappointed. At the end of the second act, Peter realizes that he can’t stop being Spiderman. He decides, voluntarily, to give up MJ and whatever other aspirations he might have, and put the costume back on. The weight of being Spiderman is just as heavy as always, but he realizes that it’s a burden he can bear. Then MJ gets kidnapped, he confronts Ock again, good triumphs etc. At this point in the film, he’s decided that being Spiderman is worth all the crap he goes through as Peter Parker. He’d rather sacrifice his life to save other lives. So when MJ shows up at his door, it’s almost a reward for his selflessness. I found it very satisfying, emotionally, and I think it carries the implication that his other problems might not be as intractable as he thinks. It is exactly the denouement* you want.

[sub]*French for “doughnut.”[/sub]

Miller: thanks for the summary – that pretty much answers the character motivations and story arc I was considering. Much appreciated!

[sub]And thanks for correcting my spelling[/sub] :slight_smile:

[sub]I had to Google it myself.[/sub]