Last Comic Standing 8/3

They’re really milking this thing aren’t they? I thought we’d know who won Thursday, but we’re only going to find out who the top three are going to be. Anywho, it worked, for I’ll be watching.

Who’s the top three? I don’t think Kathleen did as well as she could have. Her timing seemed off. Here’s what I think next week’s going to be.

John Heffron
Alonzo Boden
Tammy or Jay London

I’m guessing we won’t know who wins until NEXT Thursday.

For the top three - that is a hard one…but my guess…


OK - so that is four - but I couldn’t decide!

I’ve said all along that Alonzo Bodden is the 800lb. gorilla on this show. He’s going to be difficult, if not downright impossible, to unseat.

What DID surprise me, however, was how strong John Heffron came across. I’d love to see him win this thing, because it’s obvious that he deserves critical acclaim. John ended up getting 2 out of 3 of my votes.

So I’m pretty sure we’ll see these two guys. As to the third, I couldn’t tell you. I was very unimpressed with Kathleen Madigan and Jay London, and I thought Gary was funny but a little shadowed by the others. Tammy’s somewhat funny, but not enough to make the final 3, IMO.

We’ll see.

I think it will be:


I cannot wait for Gary to be off the show. He has annoyed me from day 1.

Tammy is funny, and men think she’s hot, so I think she will at least come in second.

I’ve been disappointed with Kathleen because I’ve heard her be much funnier than she’s been on this show. She’s been on Bob and Tom quite a bit and I really like her, but I don’t see her going any further on this show.

I’m going with:

John or Jay

I love Jay, I just identify with his brand of comedy a lot, but his set on Tuesday was a little weak. John annoys me, but the “We have to go now” girl bit had me in stitches, so I give him a slight pass for being a weenie throughout the rest of the show.

Someone please just give Gary Gulman Todd Glass’s address so he can live out his destiny and leave the rest of us good people alone!

Christ, not this man. She looks like the slutty, droopy old aunt who ruins Christmas dinner and leaves her cigarettes around the kitchen. But I must admit her Aug. 3 performance was her best delivery to date. Still, she has basically one schtick and it’s getting tiresome.

My predictions: Alonzo, Tammy, and John. Jay will just barely miss the cut, although the crack “I don’t worry about identity theft, nobody wants to be me” was the best gag of the night. Kathleen was horrible, slow, and boring. Gary Gulman has his moments but he’s not that great.

That said, it’s no guarantee. Remember,** the producers reserve the right to disregard the voting.**

If I had remembered to vote, I would have given two votes to John and one to Alonzo. I think the two of them, plus probably Tammy, will be the final three.

It’s a shame, because I saw Kathleen Madigan live years and years ago (like in '92) and she was hysterical. I was really pulling for her on this show. But she hasn’t had too many opportunities to perform, and when she has, she’s been underwhelming (compared to some of the others). Jay’s a nice guy, and makes me chuckle, but I don’t find him as laugh-out-loud funny as some of the others.

Personally, based on their sets last week, I would have made Ant the wild card (as annoying as I find him to be). He’s basically got one joke (“I’m gay!”) but he had a funnier set than Jay London did. So did Todd Glass for that matter.

On the other hand, you can never predict the American voting public. Jay may be the Rupert of LCS – not the most deserving, but chosen for his big-scary-hairy-guy-who-is-insecure-and-vulnerable-on-the-inside appeal.

They lost me when Ant got voted off in favor of Jay.

Yes, Ant seems to do his whole routine on the fact that he’s gay. He was FUNNY, though, compared to Jay’s stupid puns.

The words “Ant” and “FUNNY” do not go together. He shouldn’t be repeating lame jokes about boxers fighting over a belt and a purse… why can’t he come up with some original material that isn’t about being gay?

I used to like Jay London a lot, but his comedic timing has been off lately. It’s improved in the latest show, but still not good enough. Perhaps he should start graphing his JPM (jokes per minute) like Dat Phan used to do.

I think Alonzo, John, and Gary should move on.

Ant’s jokes were stolen, though. I’ve talked to a couple of stand-ups who can cite acts from others (like Tracey Ulman) featuring the same stuff, except performed better. No, Ant deserved to get booted when he did. He’s much better providing commentary for “Best Week Ever” (or whatever hell show he’s always on).

Jay’s humor IS exhausting, though.

“Let me move over here.”

“Don’t worry. It’s almost over.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Thank you.”

I hate when he reiterates his punchlines. We got it the first time, but it still isn’t funny.

He also reads from notes, hidden by that jacket on his arm. Sometimes it’s obvious.

He’s a nice man, but his humor isn’t humorous to me.
My rankings based solely on Tuesday’s performance:

  1. Gary
  2. Kathleen
  3. John

I love Alonzo (he’s a fine lookin’ man), but his performance on Tuesday was not all that.

Tammy’s was just mean, and she’s tiring with the Sicilian stuff. It would be one thing if she went beyond the mafia stuff, but that’s all she does. And the whore thing was just…unnecessary. Funny, but cheap funny.

I admit that I like Gary because his act is so clean and innocent, and yet still funny. Compared to John, he has better stage presence and self-control. John is a little kid in need of ritalin.

I love Kathleen. I know her giggling at her own jokes annoys some, but it makes me laugh even more.

I thought better of the sense of humor of Dopers :smiley: !
I thought Gary was by far the funniest…I laughed his entire set!

I’d rank the sets from last episode this way:

Gary - Laugh out loud funny the whole time.

Alanzo - Almost as funny as Gary’s set. He has great delivery and timing as well.

Kathleen - Weaker than I have seen her before, but still good.

John - I thought this was the weakest he has been thus far. His other material is better.

Tammy - The female Ant in that she has one joke - OK we get it, you’re Italian!

Jay - Not funny in the slightest. Some of his “jokes” don’t even make sense. Hopefully he is not the Rupert of this thing. Todd Glass has a right to be pissed.
All this being said, I would be happy if any of the first four I listed won.

Anyone know what happened to Dat Phan from last year? He was a one joke pony like Tammy, but you’d think he’d at least be seen again?

Interesting rumor floating around about LCS 3, which will be premiering later this month. Swipe the spoiler box to find out more.

[SPOILER]People have been wondering how NBC can put out another LCS so quickly after this one. According to rumor, LCS 3 is going to feature all the comics from LCS 1 going head-to-head against the comics from LCS 2.

If that’s the case, good luck, LCS 1. You’re going to have your hands full when the best talents you can pull out of your heinies are Rich Vos and Dave Mordal. The rest of your cast should get second jobs at Chili’s to make ends meet.[/SPOILER]

Do you happen to have a cite for that

Because seeing that would be awesome. And I agree, this season is a hell of a lot funnier than last.

hmmm. I thought this was a pretty good show actually and I had a hard time picking my final three but here is what I came up with.

Alonzo - I think he is head and shoulders above the rest. he is crazy funny and has a tight set.

John - He had tons of energy, he really sold his jokes, and his material was only slightly below that of Alonzo.

Kathleen - Funny material, it flowed, and it was a little different than typical humour. I loved the Ketchup bit.

The last cut -

Gary - what can I say, I was impressed. He was better than he has been before but I’ve always thought his material was slightly weaker than the three up there.

I’d be disappointed if any one of my top three didn’t make it to next week.

Well, the results are in. I’ll use a spoiler box in case you’re waiting to watch it on tape or something.

[spoiler]The final three are: Alonzo, John, and Gary.

In case you missed it, they brought out two comics at a time and then announced which of that pair was moving on. The first pair was Tammy and Gary. I wasn’t sure which of them would win, but the moment I saw them, I knew who the other two winners would be. There’s no way Alonzo or John was losing to Jay or Kathleen. I could have maybe seen Alonzo, Tammy and Gary moving on . . . but I think the viewers made the right choice.[/spoiler]

I’m happy with the results. I thought maybe Tammy would beat out Gary, but I think Gary’s jokes are more clever (Tammy relies too much on the Italian jokes). I love Kathleen, but both John and Alonzo have been funnier than her on this show.

I’m really entertained by John’s manic delivery and choice of topics - to me, he’s the funniest of the three (with Alonzo a close second). Could be the frat boy inside me (cue Ant joke).

Damn you, Time Warner-issued DVR!!

It only had LCS down for 9 - 9:30 pm, so it only recorded the first half of the show. John is my favorite. He’s my age, so I can relate to the material. Remembering my club days, I was doubled over when he was talking about the “5 girls go into a bar, 5 girls are leaving that bar” stuff. [HomerSimpson]“It’s funny because it’s true.”[/HomerSimpson]

It’s good to see he’s in the final three. America made the right choice, for once. I thought sure Jay London was going to win it all. Steven Wright did it 15 years ago and did it better (and without the annoying self-depricating humor).

I guess I am definitely in the minority but I was VERY upset when Tammy didn’t make it! I thought for sure, hands down, she was funnier than Gary!

I find Gary’s jokes a gigle funny - not a laughing funny.

I was very sad with the first grouping.

That being said - I was extremely happy with the last two groups.

John’s ‘we gotta go girl’ thing was spot on! And very truthful!!!

Ask, and ye shall receive: