Last Comic Standing finals

I almost didn’t even bother starting a thread, since this is so subjective. In other threads, people posted about things they found funny and I was like, “Are you kidding?” and I know the same can be said for what I think is funny.

Anyhow…comments about last night?

I’m still liking Gary best, and his part about interviewing Olympic athletes after they have lost had tears running down my face. (“I was thinking, ‘Stop punching me in the face.’”) But as I said, that’s just me.

BTW, did anyone else have the totally exhausting television marathon, with LCS on from 8-10, then **Amazing Race ** on from 10-11? Boy, I’m surprised I can even move this morning.

I have to agree that Gary Gulman was the funniest last night. Which surprised me. Previously I had always thought Alonzo and John were funnier, but Gary apparently saved his best material for last. His jokes were simply funnier. I agree that the gags about interviewing athletes were just hysterical; I laughed until I cried. (“It was so darned SLIPPERY out there!”)

It all comes down to jokes, and his jokes were the funniest, so he should win.

What made Gulman stand out for me was that both Alonzo and John went back to the old well of “women are different from men” jokes, which can be funny but let’s be honest, we’ve heard it all a thousand times before from a thousand different comics. Gulman’s material was far more clever.

I’ve thought Alonzo might have been the strongest comedian during the competition, but I thought he fell flat last night, and the “men and women are different” jokes were kind of stale.

Gary’s material was pretty good (man, that guy likes cookies). He had the best jokes.

I’m a sucker for John Hefron’s delivery. They were marriage jokes, but I thought they were really funny (maybe because I’m young and haven’t been married very long).

John got my votes, but I wouldn’t be upset if Gary won based on last night’s performance. In fact, I wouldn’t be upset if Alonzo won based on overall performance throughout the series. But subjectively, I find John the funniest.

OK - I’m in the minority, again!

I really don’t think Gary is all that funny. All he gets are a few giggles from me. That is about it.

I voted for John last night. I loved his bits, but thought he was stronger last week.

I wouldn’t be upset if Alonzo won though - he’s got some good material as well.

If Gary wins - I’ll be upset. But I also realize this is a huge possibility based on the response he got when he walked out on stage.

What skammer said. I could see any of the three winning, and consider all of them worthy of it. Still miss Tammy, though.

It’s no secret I haven’t been a fan of Gary. He made some inroads with me last week. This week he did have the most original set and he was very funny. I thought all three who were there, after watching this week, definately are the ones who should be in the final three. All three did very well I thought. I laughed the hardest at Gary Gulman though.

It also crossed my mind that there really isn’t anyone from last year who could hold a candle to the final five from this year. Bringing back Ralphie and Dat? They are both weak comedians. Ralphie has energy but that’s about all and he’s hardly ever even on the same playing field as original. Dat Phan doesn’t really even have the energy of Ralphie and he isn’t all that original either.

I missed it! Oh well, I suppose they will rerun it before the announce the winners, since that’s what they’ve been doing.

I didn’t see much of last season but Ralphie made me uncomfortable. It wasn’t his weight, he has one of those voices that grates on you and I just didn’t think he was all that funny.

I thought Gary was the funniest last night. Usually, he’s only been “meh” for me, but he picked it up a few notches. I didn’t like his suit though.

I gave all my three votes to John though. I have been going for him since day 1, I’m not going to stop now. But I wouldn’t be dissappointed if Gary wins. I’ve never been a fan of Alonzo.

Next Last Comic Standing, I think last seaon’s comedians can take out Bonnie and Ant, that’s about it. This season, the house has been funnier overall. But I am happy I get to see Rob Cantrell again.

Hijack for no particular reason:

Last year we thought Ralphie was the best, and were stupified that Dat Phan won. Anyway, after that we saw Ralphie at a local club, along with his girlfriend Lana Turner doing her own set. They were both racy as hell, lots of four-letter words and graphic sex jokes. I think I liked his cleaned-up-for-TV material better.

Don’t discount Rich Vos. I thought he was the funniest of the first season comedians, and he could easily hold his own.

Also, Rich Voss=hotness factor. :smiley:

I can’t believe I forgot to vote last night. Dang it. I would have voted for Alonzo because I’m going for who is consistently the funniest. John is ok, but I cannot stand Gary at all.

Gary will probably win since I don’t like him. That’s what happened last year when Dat Phan won. I thought he sucked ace too.

I almost always thought Gary was funniest, I guess his sense of humor and mine are similar.

Hey, while we’re at it, I have some ideas for the next Last Comic Standing:

  1. Get rid of the entire house concept and the voting and all that nonsense and everything that smacks of Survivor.

  2. Just start with 32 comics and have them go head to head until one is left standing.

Now, THAT would be great.

I guess the house serves some purpose. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to just have it be two comics go head-to-head. That’s the best part of the show.

But without the house, how will the comics know who they’re funnier than, assuming they didn’t watch last season?

It will be interesting to see who they chose to go up against. I mean, I doubt Bonnie will chose to go up against Heffron again, or against the person who wins.

It shouldn’t matter who they’re funnier than. Just pair them up randomly. The funniest one will keep winning, and Bonnie McFarland will be eliminated the first night no matter who she faces, because she’s about as funny as a school bus wreck.

Maybe I’m the only one, but everything EXCEPT the actual comedy bores me to tears. Who gives a crap what Tammy thinks of John talking about Gary like that? I wanna see jokes.

Of course I would also scrap this “season 1 vs season 2” plan and get actual amateur comics.