7/27 Last Comic Standing

Was it just me, or were those really weak performances? I hate Ant, but he was the funniest of the pitiful lot.

I agree with the weak performances. I expected a lot more from people who were fighting for a 2nd chance.
I actually thought that Todd was the funniest. Ant really annoys me and that just overshadows any humor.

See now I love ANT…he cracks me up. I think its his facial expressions mostly. I really don’t like Todd - but future Mr. skittles does. Todd just annoys me.

I hope I remember to watch it on Thursday night!

They were all pretty dull. I would be surprised if Bonnie gets as much as 6% this time, she was the worst.

Actually, I thought Jay London was the funniest. His self-deprecating bit was still annoying but he had some new jokes and he’s the only one I laughed out loud at.

Jay’s performance was surprising, I’m so glad that he came up with new material. I decided right there and then that I’d give my first vote to him and see if anyone else could move me.

Ant was funny, as usual, but just not funny enough. I don’t think he wants it enough. He has his I Love Yesterday work on VH1 to tide him over, I think. Plus, if he wants to mainstream, he’s got to expand his act and drop some of the gay material. There are a lot of great gay comics, and what makes them great is that they can balance their acts so it’s not so much of the “I’m gay, isn’t that funny! Ha!” bit that Ant relies so heavily upon.

But Todd Glass shocked me. I was so surprised, because I loathe the man’s personality (as portrayed in the show, at least) and I didn’t find him particularly compelling in any of his previous performances. But man, his set was tight, his timing was terrific and his material was really funny. The thing about leaning out of the window and yelling “Raaaaaaaaaar, I’m the Cookie Monster!” when you get pulled over by the cops literally made me snarf my drink. I think that might’ve put him over the top to win it.

If it’s Todd, I’ll be okay with it. But if it’s Jay, I’ll do a happy dance around my house with the dog on my head in celebration.

This goes to show how subjective comedy is. For me, that bit just fell flat. Overall, though, it was better than I’ve seen him.

My top 5:

  1. Ant - I don’t like him and as much as I hate to admit it, he had a great set, but we get it…you’re GAY!
  2. Todd - but I hate his “look at me!” personality
  3. Jay - I’m not a huge fan of him, but he seems like a nice person. Good set last night.
  4. Corey - better than last week, but still not good
  5. Bonnie - Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…

This last comic standing has been turning out pretty well for me. All five comedians already voted out I don’t find all that funny. I’ll be sad to see them come back. Last night proved exactly why these comedians are no longer in the house. I rarely laughed. Hell, two of them lost to Gary Gulman. I mean he’s sort of funny but he doesn’t stand a chance of winning. In my opinion, he’s fifth in the house right now.

My rankings
Jay - I remember laughing once so he goes on top.
Ant - I didn’t actively dislike the set but it wasn’t great.
Corey - clearly the man has very little respect for woman and most men. Hell, anyone but himself.
Todd - change careers already.
Bonnie - maybe you can open a accounting firm with Todd (see because accountants are stereotypically not funny)

I’d be fine if Jay went back in the house again because he is a very nice man and that’s more than I can say for a few of the others. He (along with everyone else) really stands no chance against Bonnie and Alonzo. They’re the class.

*I really don’t like posting posts with a negative tone but last night really put me in a bad mood for some reason - and that really shouldn’t happen on a show called Last Comic standiing… Could you imagine being the loser of the night? How depressing wouuld that be?

Ant (just barely)

Corey - Todd (tied for last)

I still can’t fathom how anyone lost to Gary. But y’all are right. They were weak performances for people trying for a second chance. I think Bonnie has some decent material, but her delievery is off. Corey and Todd are just both bores and not funny.

I think Kathleen Madigan has a lock on it. She is by far the funniest of all the performers that made it to the house.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen the least of her material out of everyone in the house.

I like John Heffron and I hope he has a good set in the finale. Gary is funny, but his popularity is supplemented by his looks. If it comes down to Gary/John in the end, Gary will win. I think John is more attractive, but Gary is more conventionally good-looking. And you know that’s what America values the most–looks over talent. :rolleyes:

See, I think Gary is easily the funniest and most talented of the five finalists. John’s good, too. I hate Tammy with a white-hot passion.

shrug Different tastes, I guess.

I lost interest in the show pretty early on. It was clear the producers were looking for diversity (read conflict) rather than funny. I thought they had a much funnier crew last time. With the exception of Dat Phan of course. Its a crying shame that Jim Norton isn’t in the house but I think they thought they would have to cut too much of his act.

Sadly, my husband has revealed that he’s cheering for Todd Glass to get back into the house so that maybe we can see Gary Gulman and Todd having the hot monkey sex that Gary’s been clearly pining for all season.

I should note that this is the opinion of Mr. TeaElle only.

Uh, yeah, that’s it.

I figured Gary would want more of a “cuddling” than hot monkey sex…although, who could turn down hot monkey sex?