Last Comic Standing 7/29

I made a mental note to watch Last Comic Standing last night, but forgot anyway.
Who is back in the house?

What percent of the votes did Bonnie get?

Well, I actually called that one. They didn’t say the percentage (or if they did I completely zoned out and missed him saying it) but they eliminated them in order of least votes to most. Bonnie was the first to go, followed by Corey, then Ant and finally it came down to Todd and Jay, with Jay getting the second chance.

They had everyone do another set before they announced the results and they weren’t any better. It made me wonder how some of them got that far, especially Bonnie, she is the least funny that I find it hard to believe she has a career doing this. I think the only laughs she gets are shocked or uncomfortable pity laughs.

Jay wasn’t really that funny but at least he had a couple new jokes again but if he wants to last he needs better material and to cut down on that self-deprecating “you’ll never see me again” stuff.

Bonnie deserved last place because her act totally sucked. Her jokes did not flow into each other at all, and she seemed very nervous.

I was surprised Corey got third because he got a lot of laughs. But I find his act tired.

I like Jay but he isn’t funny at all. Watch him pull a Dat Phan and win.

I can only take Jay in small doses. I have overdosed at this point.

Bonnies insecurity is palpable and annoying. I’m surprised they haven’t found her hanging somewhere. I get the impression that she hoped a hair and clothing change might make a difference. Sorry Bonnie, you are very attractive but your comedy sucks.

I think Corey has the personality to be a great comic or comic actor. His material isn’t the greatest though. What was his point about video tape? Is he saying that all women lie about being raped. Yeah very funny :rolleyes:

Ant proved one thing: he’s gay. I think we knew that. He can be funny but needs to expand his repertoire a bit or he’ll always be a niche comic.

I think Todd had the best set. I find him as consistantly funny on stage as he is annoying off stage.

Please note I only saw the set last night and not the one before the vote.

She may seem insecure onstage, but did you hear her say that people don’t “get” her comedy? That it’s “smart”? And that she still thinks she’s “one of the funniest people in the house”? Mm-hm, Bonnie. Whatever helps you sleep at night, honey. :rolleyes:

Yeah! That was uncomfortable. I think the audience was a little put off, too.

Tuesday, I thought Ant had the best performance (even though the gay jokes schtick has gotten old), but last night Todd was the best. I didn’t like him when he was in the house, but last night was the funniest I’ve seen him. I wish he’d won the wild card because I think you’re right, he’s going to pull off a win, a la Dat Phan. But then, look on the bright side, we’ll never see him again. Dat Who? :smiley:

My post was misleading. I meant to say that monstro is right about Jay winning. Not Loach.

Its only the impression I got but she seems to be trying to convince herself. It looks to me that she thought she was good going in but her confidence is shattered. I got that impression when she first got voted out too. Going in she thought she would win but now she is thinking, “maybe I do suck”. Yes you do.

I might be reading more into it then there is.

Well, Jay seems to have a likeable quality that’s hard to explain. He looks like a guy who’d walk up to your car and clean your windshield with his shirt tail for some coins but he doesn’t seem threatening or scary. He’s not as grating as the other wild cards. Then again I’ve been having strange thoughts involving shampoo and bubble bath so maybe I’ve lost my judgement as well as my sanity. I think he had me at the grilled cheese sammich.
Still I wish he’d lose the self-deprecating bit and get some new material.

I’m not even saying that the bit couldn’t work, nothing wrong with a little controversy. If he had predicated his jokes with something like, “now that I’m on LCS and famous I have to watch out for myself. People are after my money like Kobe.” Not saying it would be funny but I found myself thinking “what is he trying to say?” I can’t relate to why you would need proof of your actions unless you are paranoid or prone to do the wrong thing. I’m probably not explaining that right. Oh well, I am a member of the IIDU :wink: