Last Comic Standing Aug. 31

Well, nobody else started it. IT’s Season 1 vs. Season 2, and the expected massacre has already begun.

Tonight’s comix:

TERE JOYCE (S1) - Told no jokes in just under two minutes. Dreadful. Score (out of 10) - 1

JAY LONDON (S2) - Not up to his usual standard; none of tonight’s jokes were very funny. Score - 3

ROB CANTRELL (S1) - Actually had a few good jokes, but his timing is a bit faulty and he’s too manic for his own look. Score - 4

COREY HOLCOMB (S2) - Very good first minute, 3-4 good gags. Weak second minute. Score - 5

DAT PHAN (S1) - Yes, we know, you’re Asian. Some good gags. Score - 5

GARY GULMAN (S2) - A bit too much setup for a 2-minute format. Much weaker than usual. Score - 5

GEOFF BROWN (S1) - Dude, learn to use a microphone. Some good gags. Score - 5

KATHLEEN MADIGAN (S2) - A little political humor to break up the monotony. Good job overall, better than her last performance in season 2. Score - 6

SEAN KENT (S1) - You have to be REALLY good to make pot jokes original and funny. He’s not. Score - 2

ANT (S2) - You need never watch an Ant performance again. Just consult this handy Mad Lib, choosing your preferred words to fill in the blanks:

“Hi, I’m Ant! I’m _________(1) and proud of it! Hellllo, boys, I’m ______ (2) , and I’m _________ (3) as well! I was in ________ (4) and thee guys said boy, you sure are ________ (5) and I said, You bet, _________ (6) I’m THUPER _________ (7)!!!”

a) Gay
b) Gay
c) Gay
d) Gay

a) Gay
b) Gay
c) Gay
d) Gay

a) Gay
b) Gay
c) Gay
d) Gay

a) A gay bar
b) San Francisco
c) A gay bar in San Francisco
d) Someplace where gay guys like me go because I am gay

a) Gay
b) A homo
c) A gay homo
d) Just, like, totally gay

a) Girlfriend
b) Guy I’d like to have sex with, because I’m gay
c) I’m gay! LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! Oh, sorry.
d) Girlfriend

a) Gay
b) Queer
c) Homosexual
d) Gay, queer, AND homosexual, mm-hm!

Hey, Ant. Your trick’s old, pony.

I wondered why I hadn’t laughed at any of the stuff. It was, of course, because the good stuff was here. Excellent Mad Lib, RickJay.

Wait, so is Ant’s gay?

Whew! I’m glad I checked before I started my “Breaking News: Ant is GAY!” thread.

I didn’t get to see as much of this episode as I would have liked. I was hoping Ant would have been knocked off right away last night. Yes, Ant, you’re gay. And we’re all happy for you, and I’m glad you live in a time and place where you can be open about and proud of who you are. But you desperately need to talk about something else.

I didn’t see season one so I don’t really have an opinion. Ralphie’s performance last night broke my heart though, and I’m glad people didn’t NOT vote for him based on that. I hope he can come back with full force so I can see what I missed out of last year.

And… oh, what’s his name? He’s a Minnesotan, which surprised me and he’s actually pretty funny. Tess, not so much. I saw her on comedy central once. Yes, you’re big, black, and beautiful. Yay for you! She’s funnier than Ant though. Anyway, like I said, I didn’t see much of tonight’s episode which is why I’m commenting on last night’s show. :slight_smile: