Last Comic Standing 8/30: Well, THAT was certainly uncomfortable, Ralphie.

Don’t know how many fans of this show there are, but I wanted to talk about this.

Did anyone catch last night’s LCS3 premiere? How about the extremely squirm-ariffic set performed by LCS1 team member Ralphie May? :eek:

I felt really bad for the guy. Having lost his father the night before, he obviously wasn’t in the right frame of mind to put on a 2-minute set. He ended up telling two jokes, both of which he said were “among his dad’s favorites,” and then left the stage crying.

I swear, I don’t think I’ve ever been that uncomfortable watching something in my life. I’m hoping he isn’t the one that gets the axe from the LCS1 crew, but there stands a middling chance he will.

Anybody else catch this? :eek: Yikes.

I sat there wondering if this was some kind of strategy. Probably not, but at the least he’s going to get a ton of pity votes.

I just got two great words to say about last night’s episode - King Hippo

…oh, and for those of you who didn’t see it, no, King Hippo has nothing to do with Ralphie.

I didn’t see this particular performance but I would guess it was just throwing shit on top of a shitpile. Ralphie Mayes is the unfunniest comic since Nick DiPaolo, a jerk, an idiot, and possibly even the unfunniest comic ever.

…but…but he’s fat! And…he’s a gangsta! It’s HI-Larious!

And this just in…Ant is GAY!

How can it NOT be funny?

In all seriousness, I thought he was pulling an Andy Kaufman until he said g’nite. I just knew he was going to pull it out and somehow make it a performance piece.

The only more uncomfortable stand-up moment I ever saw was during an episode of MTV’s Half-Hour Comedy Hour, when a bombing comic just flat-out walked off the stage during his set. It was just surreal and bizarre. I often wonder why he wasn’t edited off the show. Maybe he peeved the show’s producer.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but he’s also from… “DA HOOD!”


Missed the show, mostly because I don’t like 90% of the first season peoples, had no desire to watch them again. Of the bunch, Ralphy was the worst