Last Day: Breakfast

For reason that just don’t matter, you get to have one more breakfast. Whatever you want, flown in from anywhere you want if need be, health and calories be damned. Mine would be:

Mom’s homemade chicken gravy on fresh baked biscuits
Hash browns
2 slices of bacon
3 pork sausages
A large glass of Welch’s Grape Juice
A poached goose egg

4 pcs. of French Toast, with strawberries and whipped cream.
2 eggs, sunny side up.
6 link sausage.
8 pcs. of very crisp bacon.
Tall glass of orange juice.
Tall glass of chocolate milk.

and a last minute note from the Governor, if appropriate.

So many good things to choose from.

Make mine:

  • a perfect 6 ounce Niman Ranch steak, medium
  • 2 eggs over easy-plus
  • perfect hash browns
  • 2 pancakes with real maple syrup
  • sourdough toast with boysenberry jam
  • carafe of fresh OJ, heavy on the pulp
  • pot of excellent coffee, Kona or JBM

I regret not being able to squeeze a couple of Eggs Benedict in there, but I am looking forward to eating perfect examples every morning on an upcoming vacation.

(There’s an old joke about a prisoner who orders his last meal: grilled stuffed mushrooms, steak smothered with sauteed mushrooms, mushroom soup and candied mushrooms for dessert. Warden says, “Wow, you must really like mushrooms.” Prisoner: “Nah, I was always afraid to try them before in case I got a poison toadstool.”)

Chicken-fried steak and eggs, scrambled, hash browns, biscuits & gravy, large OJ, coffee.


A Chorizo egg and cheese breakfast taco from Manuels in Port Isabel Texas.

The brunch at Crepes and Co in Bangkok. You can’t tell from the bland menu entry how good it is, but it’s been voted Best Brunch in Bangkok a couple of times at least.

I still recall the Lumberjack Breakfast at the Manhattan Diner near our hotel on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. That might be a close second.

One last, breakfast, you say? I’ll have a cup of black coffee. I can never get any food down in the morning. And I’ll have a cigarette, although I shouldn’t.

What’s for lunch?

That thread is coming in a bit.

I’ll have what he’s having. And a side of bacon. And a couple of sausage links while we’re at it.

Know the guy who would order a dozen eggs? I’d do that with Bloody Marys.

I want:

Three prontis (indian flatbread), made on the tawa (griddle), stuffed with potatoes and spices
With homemade sweet whipped butter just like the Lord Krishna used to eat
and eaten off a metal thali (platter)

I want to eat it with my cousins back in India, and my auntie putting fresh prontis on the plate as I eat.

I think I have to go with Eggs Benedict, one biscuit with gravy, and a side of corned-beef hash. Orange juice with extra pulp, and a cup of strong hazelnut coffee.

If I have room, I may be able to choke down a nice cheese danish from the Cannelle Patisserie as well.

Ribeye steak, 3 eggs sunny side up, cheese grits, bacon, biscuits with butter and honey, black coffee and a bottomless mimosa.
“A poached goose egg”… huh.

We have a pair of domestic geese, and we raid the nests she builds to keep from having many geese. Most go to the dogs, but my gf occasionally asks me to make her an over easy goose egg. Yolk is the size of your fist!

Goose egg omelet with avocado and tomato, topped with sour cream and chives.

I’m gonna cheat a little bit and have a ton of food and just take a couple of bites of each.

-blueberry pancakes with butter and blueberry syrup
-peanut butter and banana stuffed french toast with maple syrup
-omelette with bacon, chedder and jalapenos topped with sour cream
-side of bacon
-side of sausages
-chicken fried steak with sausage gravy
-biscuits and sausage gravy
-eggs benedict
-latkes with applesauce and sour cream
-strawberry crepes with whipped cream
-lime jello with whipped cream
-fresh cut pineapple
-pecan pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
-strawberry milkshake
-chocolate peanut butter milkshake

EDIT: Damnit now I’m hungry. If I ever get rich I’m seriously gonna have that for breakfast at least once.

2 eggs, sunny side up on top of hash browns (cause I salt the whole pile, cut up the eggs, and mix the eggs in with the hashbrowns)
1 and 1/2 biscuits with sausage gravy (extra gravy - cause I’d probably mix some in with any leftover hasbrowns)
6 sausage links (3 to cut up and mix in with the eggs/hashbrowns and 3 to cut up and mix in with the biscuits and gravy)
Black coffee - if I can have it from anywhere I want it from Walker Brother’s Pancake House
Large glass of ice cold milk

Yeah, like I could eat all that. :smiley:

corned beef hash
three very lightly basted eggs
buttered rye toast
hash browns
coffee with chicory

Two Chorizo egg and cheese breakfast tacos from the Oasis Cafe in Dallas.

Given the background, I’m surprised nobody has requested a .357 alongside their tray.