Okay, I'll make you the eggs the way you requested. Now choose your sides.

First, there was this thread.

Well, okay, I can do that for you…make the eggs how you want them. But now you have to pick what you want to go with it.

What do you typically like your sides to be when you’re having eggs?

Big, “allowed-to-pick-more-than-one-option” poll to come.

I just made a $49.00 breakfast at Denny’s.

Grits, tomato juice, yogurt and a banana please. You do have Tabasco, right?

This should have been a what-don’t-you-want-with-your-eggs poll.
I would only have to check off five items. :smiley:

I would have voted for fried chicken if that included steak fried chicken. Some day I want to order eggs with steak, potatoes, and steak fried chicken so I can put hot sauce on the potatoes, ketchup on the steak, and A1 on the chicken.

Make my eggs over-easy please. Then I can moosh the hash browns into the liquid gold that is the yolk. Mmmmmm!

What is steak-fried chicken?

What? No toast with jam or toast with butter and jam? I’m beginning to think you’re not even an American.

I like:

some kind of sausage*
some kind of potatoes*
some kind of bread with jam and butter*
pancakes or waffles*
biscuits and gravy

*depends on my mood

Make that Chicken fried Chicken.

Oh yeah, over-easy all the way. I like to dip my bacon and sausage into the yolk. And then at the end when the plate is practically clean mop up the remaining eggy-yolkyness with the last two bites of bread.

Home fries, ham, toast and coffee will do me just fine, thanks.

Isn’t that just…fried (lowercase) chicken?

You aren’t from New Jersey (probably) so I wouldn’t expect you to include it but y’all should come here and try Taylor Ham (aka Pork Roll) at least once. It is like a cross between ham and bacon and is extremely yummy for breakfast.

I think he’s meaning de-boned, pounded, flattened and then breaded/coated before frying, - the same things you’d do with cube steak. That is a little different from normal fried chicken. I would call it a “chicken cutlet” though.

No, and apparently “steak-fried chicken” is another name for it, but that probably arose via people making the same mistake I did.

Sheldon Cooper: If you’re interested, I also know all about frying meat that isn’t chicken as if it were chicken.

There’s probably a TBBT quote for everything.


Other than I’d really like migas with chorizo, that’s going to be a fine spread.

I object! Biscuits and gravy isn’t a side for eggs. Eggs are a side for biscuits and gravy.

I re-object!! Biscuits and gravy pretty much stand on their own.

My mother used to serve me that, a long time ago. Delicious.