What's for breakfast?

[ul][li]Fresh papaya with a squeeze of lemon juice[/li][li]English muffin with margarine and Vegemite[/li]French Roast coffee[/ul]

Crepes with beach plum jelly
Low-salt bacon

Same as most every day:

Coffee with nut milk.
Non-fat Geek yogurt.
Kashi Go-Lean cereal.
Dried cranberries.

Today was “big breakfast” day. It was:

Toasted Bay brand English muffins with apricot preserves
Couple of Farmer John sausages
Over-easy egg
“POG” (passion-orange-guava juice)

Yesterday was gym day, so it was “light breakfast” day. It was:

Granola & nonfat milk

Crab omelette. Breakfast potatoes. Near Pike Place market.

Just coffee. Costco beans, Aeropress, whole milk microwaved for 1.5 min in a jamjar and shaken into foam.

Three free-range eggs, fried over-medium, seasoned with Zatarain’s creole seasoning. Eaten with a fork – for each egg the white is carefully cut away from the (whole) yolk, eaten, saving the yolks for last, which are devoured whole in one bite such that I get all the yolky goodness at once.

Soft pretzel and grape jam.
Black coffee.
Cranberry juice.

Nice. Our office used to be in Belltown, half a mile away from Pike Place Market. I used to walk down there on my lunch half-hour. I could go by Uli’s for sausages, Pike Place Fish for fish, Don and Joe’s Meats for meat and Landjägers… Now we’re out on Harbor Island. No Pike Place Market for me anymore! :frowning:

Coffee and peanut butter crackers. Of course.

When I’m working from home, two toasted English muffins, butter and strawberry jam. Coffee w/cream and one lump of sugar.

On days when I’m working at the aviation museum, stop on the way for a sausage mcmuffin or biscuit, w/coffee as above.

Today, it was leftover rice & pad thai from a night out with some scrambled eggs mixed in. Most days, though, it’s either Fiber One or a $1 sausage biscuit from McDonald’s.

I’ve been home bound for a month. Taxing on the sanity it is, what with the walls closing in in this 320 sq. Ft. Apt.

All by way of explaining that I’ve alternated between two breakfasts. Almost every day for a month. Which is driving me bonkers.

  1. Greek yoghurt with a drizzle of raw honey, prunes and sliced mangoes.

  2. Two slices home baked bread with some cheese on top. 3 egg omelette with some sautéed onions and spices.

And of course, at least 30 oz of cold brewed home made coffee.

Kinda dying for something else !!! :slight_smile:
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Just coffee with macadamia milk.

Weekdays: Couple handfuls of Fiber One plus some Craisins and nuts.
Coffee with milk.

Weekends: Big breakfast. The only constants are bacon and eggs. Could also be French toast, burritos, omelets, etc.

Two soft-boiled eggs, over toast soldiers. Clamato juice. A 16-oz cup of Yorkshire Gold tea with just a touch of whole milk.

Angus beef patty, fried egg, hot buttered toast with strawberry jam and orange marmalade, cold orange juice, hot black coffee.

I think we’ll have a bit of a blowout today: pancakes and pepper bacon.

What’s this ‘breakfast’ you speak of?

I love breakfast food, I just want to eat it at a more reasonable time of day.

Most days, nothing.

When I have the time and my shit together, pan-fried pork sausage links drizzled with maple syrup and/or scrapple, two eggs over easy, and a hash brown patty sprinkled with onion powder and kosher salt.