Last Day: Lunch

Um, a bottomless buffet! As long as I can keep eating…

Like my ex?

On a long buffet table, I can choose from oysters on ice, beluga caviar, roast ribeye, rack of lamb, curried chicken, chili shrimp, lobster. Sidings of soup, bread, cheese, tuna and salmon sashimi, paella.

Last one I’m going hard with what I like. Maybe more suitable for dinner but WGAF.

Lambs fry with bacon and onions in a red wine gravy, made to my personal recipe.
(That’s Lamb liver for those who don’t know the term)

Garlic mashed potato

Steamed fresh peas with butter, sea salt and cracked black pepper

Garlic bread

2 bottles of Penfolds Grange and a glass of water

Cheese platter for desert with a nice Brie, blue, cheddar.
Alternate meal, 2 inch thick rib eye steak on the bone cooked rare
Scalloped potatoes with bacon, cream and chilli
On the side, the salad that Sparky described with beetroot and cubes of tasty cheese, no olives.

Keep the drinks and desert.

Toasted cheese sandwiches. The creamiest, smoothest cheese with a colby bite.

I have simple tastes.

The Court of Two Sisters Jazz Brunch. And a keg of Petrus aged red cherry sour beer.

Raw oysters from Elliott’s Oyster House in Seattle (the champagne mignonette sorbet is like nothing else), washed down with several pints of Magner’s.

A BIG bowl of onion/sourcream dip, and the BIGGEST friggin’ bag of Original Doritos available. I could die a happy man.

I have never heard of someone dipping Doritos. Interesting.

Cheeseburger and fries from Fat Jacks.
Tiramisu from Fratellis. At least three servings of this. Maybe four.

Indian Buffet, all the standard dishes, but concentrating on chicken and vegetarian dishes.
Very cold black unsweetened Ice tea.
various flavors of lassi.