Last Day: Lunch

For reasons that really don’t matter, you get one last lunch. If need be, it will be flown in for you. Mine would be:

A perfect Reuben from The Carnegie Deli
A big kosher dill
Side of potato salad
An egg cream
Carnegie’s strawberry cheesecake

Cheesy Italian Beef from Frankly Yours in Rolling Meadows (extra cheese of course.)
Cheese Fries from the same place
A large ice cold Dr. Pepper
And a cookie. I think I’d need a cookie. Or an ice cream bar.

Crispy Chicken Salad from the local Thai place, 2 Singhas and an iced tea.

Fried oyster po’ boy
Onion rings
Six-pack of Yuengling

In fact, forget the po’ boy and onion rings!

Boeuf Bourguignon.
Twice-baked potato with fresh creamery butter.
Rolls with orange butter.
Brussel sprouts.
Iced tea.
and for dessert, French Silk Pie.

Prof. Pepperwinkle made me change my mind.

I wouldn’t want a cookie or an ice cream bar. I would want a slice of French Silk Pie. Yep - that would be my dessert.

Just a slice? If this is my LAST Lunch, I want an entirety of one of Madame Pepperwinkle’s French Silk (drool) pies.

1/2 pulled pork sandwich, Oklahoma Joe’s (Kansas City)
ribs (short end), Gate’s BBQ (Kansas City)
side of baked beans, Jack’s Stack (Kansas City)
turtle sundae, Gille’s Frozen Custard (Milwaukee)
Stone Ruination IPA

Since I don’t have a Madame Pepperwinkle, I will have to settle for Baker’s Square French Silk Pie. And a slice is all I would be able to eat. :smiley:

Lunchtime, finally…

I’ll have:

A tuna sandwich
A large bowl of yoghurt with pieces of banana and melon
A Coke Zero
A small bar of milk chocolate
Some coffee

(Of course, those things are pretty much all I eat these days anyway. The fact that it’s my final lunch is pretty much beside the point.)

I really don’t eat lunch. I slip into a post-lunch coma, though, so I guess that’s a good thing!

In that case I’ll have the best lunch I ever had (though it made me violently ill afterwards and I never had it again): a bouillabase with lots of mussels, hot garlic bread, and an antipasto salad. Washed down with white wine. Can you yearn for something that makes you nauseated at the same time?

Looking forward to a hasty, sleepy death!

Italian sausage with roasted peppers from [url=] the Ethnic Sandwich shop
a cold beer

Matzo ball soup
Potato pancakes
Pastrami sandwich
Corned beef sandwich
Sour pickles
Black and white cookie

all from the Second Avenue Deli in NYC

Cheesesteak (with cheese whiz and onions)
Order of fries
Large Mountain Dew

from Pat’s Steaks, South Phila

-A bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken Extra Crispy chicken breasts
-Orange Chicken
-Philly’s Cheesesteak sandwich
-Mashed potato with Gravy
-Macaroni and Cheese
-Potato Pancakes
-Fried Rice
-Chow Mein
-Mountain Dew
-Chocolate and Cookies and Cream Ice Cream with Crushed Heath Bars

Four grilled Maine lobster tails with lemon and drawn butter
Porterhouse, charred, medium rare
Chop salad with bleu cheese
Some good crusty rolls and butter
A tray full of French pastries.

This one is hard to describe, but I’ll try.

Ever go to a not formal sit down restaurant for lunch, one that could almost be a diner, but it’s just a little more fancy? They’ll usually serve a plate meal that includes a side salad consisting of crisp ice berge lettuce (lots of the white part, and always chopped), just a few rings of red onion, a couple slices of cucumber, a couple triangles of fresh tomato, some generic, but good croutons, and if you’re lucky, a black olive. The dressing is always some generic, salty italian, but also good. Usually there’s a bit of water at the bottom of the bowl.

The place will also have bread on the table and real butter in foil wrappers.

For some reason that salad above, as described, is one that I will eat every little morsel of, even going so far as to scoop at the little pieces with a heavily buttered piece of bread, and especially doing it in a way to soak up that cheap dressing.

I want that salad! Have Flo, or whatever her name is chose whatever she wants for the plate part, since the hamburger or steak and cheese, etc. with french fries will never compare to that salad.

Oh, and wash it down with homemade sweet iced tea.

An ice cream scoop-sized chicken salad served “on a bed of lettuce.” (One leaf.) With packaged club crackers.
My grandmother’s chow chow. (The pickles would go great with the chicken salad.)
Sorbet. Shaved frozen fruit makes me stand at attention.
Long Island Teas. Several.

A) 4-way Skyline.

B) More 4-way Skyline.

C) …etc. until I burst.

Ah, a Cincinnati ex-pat! Sweet!
For me though, if it were really the last of the last, and it must be lunch, then I am going to elaborate:

Toasted, large and buttered brioche slices supporting a slab of seared (and deveined) foie gras, with a currant or other fruit-based acidic jelly or syrup slathered all over that bitch with a side of arugula salad with layered montrachet cheese and roasted beets and peppers (foccacia style), toast points for the goo, a 3oz pour of the finest Sauternes available and some Doritos.

In that order.