Last night I realized that I CAN do it! (Longish)

No, you pervs, I don’t mean that.

I just have to talk about this somewhere.

Without getting into all the horrible details, at the end of last year I was suddenly and horribly dumped by my then-fiance. My whole life pretty much went up in smoke. My mom came to my rescue and invited me home for a while, and I took her up on the offer, seeing as it was better than sitting alone in my dinky apartment 600 miles away from my closest family.

In the last few weeks I’ve finally started venturing out into the world and meeting people again – I mean for friendship, not just a man-hunt. Thursday night I was asked out for coffee by a nice guy I’d met a few times, and not being a complete idiot, I took him up on it. I think I’m well past rebound stage. I didn’t get that hit-by-lightning feeling I got when I met the ex, but I’m told that’s actually not the usual thing, so I shouldn’t worry. He’s a really nice guy and no matter what we’ll be friends. We’ll see what happens, though, I see potential here.

Yesterday I got a last-minute invite from him (along with a bunch of his friends) to go out and eat, since yesterday was his birthday. Why he hadn’t told me the day before I don’t know. I didn’t even have time to get him a card, so I’m going to have to get one and give it to him later this week. His friends are gamer geeks. Most of my friends have been gamer geeks, though I’m not really a gamer myself. These are MY kind of people.

It hit me on the way home. I’ve finally gotten off my ass and decided that I want to get out on my own more than I want to be a full-time student and stay at home until I’m 30. So I’m job hunting. I’m making friends. I’m even dating somebody. It’s taken ten months, but I seem to be on the upswing.


“Hit by lightning” might mean something good, or it might just be a message that you have a big crush. Crushes can fade - but when you get a feeling that’s bloomed out of getting to know another person and realizing that they’re pretty darned special and that you figured out they’re attractive too, that’s wonderful.

Congrats on getting your life picked up. :slight_smile:

Congratulations, and good luck to you! Life is good!

Congratulations! I had something similar last year as well. The details were different, but the same kind of total simultaneous slump and complete loss of belief that I could do anything. I know how good it feels to realise you’re moving back into the real world, and that you can not only go on with life, but you can actually enjoy it, and do well at things.

Well done (because it takes courage to pick up the pieces and not sit in a hole forever) and good luck!

Yeah, I had a HUGE crush on the ex from the start, but it turned into something deeper than a crush. No instant crush on Current Guy, but lots of warm fuzzies.

Now if I can only FIND a job so I can get the heck out of this house…but life is good. I’ll do it somehow.