Last night's Family Guy was one of the best episodes ever written in the series.

No, it wasn’t a knee slapper by any stretch of the imagination. And yes, I REALLY could have done with out the gross out scene in the middle, But Stewie’s take down of the counselor, and his existential ramblings at the end, was some of the best writing I’ve ever seen on Family Guy.

I was really taken aback. Was NOT expecting that.

Haven’t watched it. But haven’t heard that any of their episodes were the best ever for at least 10 years…

I watched the first five minutes then I couldn’t get through it. It’s definitely a different episode, consisting mostly of Stewie talking to a therapist and dissecting the therapist’s life in some sort of role reversal thing. Judging by fast-forwarding through the episode, 95% of it takes place in the room with mostly Stewie talking.

Maybe I’ll give it another try, but I was bored with the premise within the first five minutes.

Even though I still watch, I haven’t been impressed with anything FG has done in a long time either. That’s why I was so taken aback.

Eh, the take down of the counselor was the best part I thought. If you weren’t impressed with that, you probably won’t like it.

Me, too. The “normal” voice for Stewie was weird, though.

That was a weird voice, like a baby Captain Ed Mercer. I almost thought, “Are they gonna drop the Stewie doing a British accent?” But nope, it came back.

I’m a little underwhelmed, I was believing the hype that Stewie was going to come out, identify as gay, and it would be his persona for good.

Still, probably the best thing FG has done in a long while.

Confused the hell out of my mom 'tho – what the hell was that?

Look ma, after years of classic-style show tunes, Stewie pretty much had to go and do Hamiliton. Mom doesn’t know what that is, and I haven’t seen Hamilton but I got the jist.

Fair enough, and thanks for the warning. I’m curious about what the “gross out” scene in the middle was, though.

While doing the Hamilton routine Stewies nose, for whatever reason, was running and there was snot bubbles everywhere. I don’t really know why it did that, but whatever.

I’ve always enjoyed FG, but the thing I’ve come to really do is respect their ability to go outside the box. The murder mystery episode, the Brian/Stewie locked in the bank vault ep…hell I’ll even throw in the hurricane series.

They really go after it and do new and different things.

He’d been crying before then, and had the sobbing hiccups for much of the dialog before then. I guess, show-tune fan Stewie really feels like Hamilton’s protagonist, and I feel like, from what I know about the historical A. Hamilton, and from what I’d heard about the musical Hamilton, that I’m possibly missing some real emotional hidden content here.

But I get the jist that Stewie, like historical Alexander Hamilton, is finding it hard to be liked by other people while trying to be himself. I suppose if I was an in-universe shrink, that Stewie return to world domination plans. Or at least try to kill Lois again. :eek: A person’s gotta do what they love.:rolleyes:

They already did a bottle episode–Stewie and Brian trapped in the bank vault. It even had a mid-episode gross-out scene–Brian having to eat the contents of Stewie’s diaper. This one was pretty similar. (I have watched the show only extremely sporadically for the last few seasons.)

Doing a Sherlockian analysis on a character we’ve never seen before and will never see again is not especially inspired writing. I think I would have appreciated it more if Stewie’s analysis had been completely wrong and the young man in the photo was actually the therapist’s son.

Then it would have completely bastardized Stewie’s character and basically the rest of the episode.

He followed up his rant with saying how lonely he is because he’s so much smarter than everyone else that he can’t relate to them. If he was wrong in his assessment then it would have rendered his feelings moot.

And I’m not impressed by that, either. When has Stewie ever been played as lonely? He is frequently teamed up with Brian and he seems to do okay with the lady toddlers so where is all this depression coming from? When has Stewie ever cared about “normal” kids his age? I doubt this episode will have any follow-up, making it even less resonant.

I’m also not particularly enamored of the concept or execution of Hamilton so I guess this particular episode simply wasn’t my cup of tea.

Not to mention Stewie’s undergone this same self-examination multiple times over the show and it’s never stuck.

This episode was 20some minutes of Seth McFarlane jerking himself off. Not funny or interesting.

In that regard, it was mildly amusing for Stewie to become annoyed when a character voiced by a British actor is unimpressed by Stewie’s pseudo-British accent. It makes me vaguely curious how McKellan and regular McFarlane guest Patrick Stewart really regard McFarlane’s “Stewie” voice and other attempts by Americans to sound British.

I for one shall be certain to incorporate “conTROVersy” into all such future attempts, in addition to “alu-MINI-um” and “jag-U-ar”.

What if the Dr. isn’t dead?

Yes, Stewie pages through a magazine while the Dr. dies and turns ashen. Why, if the medicine is so important to the Dr., does he keep it so far away? Who of us, ever, has kept anything of even moderate importance, where a toddler could reach it AND asked them to retrieve it? Your TV remote or your smokes you left in the other room don’t count, that’s a trivial use of a toddler to retrieve an object, not a moderately important task.

Stewie admits to Brian he’s done something bad – just after waking up from a nightmare.

Remember you heard it here first.

Seriously? The “it was all a dream” interpretation?

No, you heard it here first, thank you very much. Unfortunately, the “consensus” is that it wasn’t a dream, Stewie’s “real” voice isn’t his British accent, and never mind things like, “How did Stewie get to the psychologist’s office in the first place,” or, “Who would send a one-year-old to a psychologist and expect any sort of response?”

When have you ever seen him with kids his own age that didn’t end up in a disaster? Sure he pals around with Brian, but Brian is also his only real friend. His two times palling around with the girl from his drama class ended badly (one with him in an asylum and the other burning his house down), and his adventures with that British chick who was crazier than he was ended in a fight and her being deported (or something to that effect). Hell, even the time he met his brother it ended badly (twice!). Granted he’s a toddler and you can’t do much with that, but when they have it’s ended badly.

If you really want to delve deep, then you can take the “Stewie in the Future” episodes/movie-thingy and show that he worked a dead-end job, had very few friends and was a virgin.

I’m with you that nothing will be followed up about this and it’s just a bit of a one-off, but most of FG is.