Last Night's Game -- the SDMB Serial Killer Plays Rock, Scissors, Paper

Okay. One. Two. Three.



I win! :slight_smile:

Rock! Looks like I win this round :slight_smile:

how is it that two people posted to the other serial killer thread several minutes AFTER coldfire closed it??

It takes a little while to close a thread.


Paper, and everyone is a loser.

Will we ever find out the pattern?

So, what was the pattern? I’m so mystified! Darn Darn Darn!!! That was like…really cool…and stuff… Can we maybe figure out the pattern or somthing…cause I have no idea, and it’s buggin the crap outta me!

Dunno… Tried everything I could think of, looking at profiles, pics, counting words in the post, the number of posts, etc… Didn’t really see a pattern at all… Maybe he was playing one potato two potato? A shame it was closed though, cuz that was fun and really making me think.

The serial killer idea was cool and I can see Coldfire’s point. I’m sure someone will start ranting about it so this is hardly the place (nod, wink).

But I do know that Serial Killers always choose “scissors”.

My biggest regret is that I didn’t get in in enough time to play OR to thank Tequila for leaving me in her will… That vibrator will come in REALLY handy soon… lots of vacations coming up.

And where is the sushi bar that this card goes to? Just so I know what other places to put on my traveling agenda for this year??? :wink:

Of course, I’d mch rather have YOU around than get either of those. You’re so much more interacive! :smiley:

As far as the OP…


The serial killer chose who was going to die by the number of letters in the posters name – even numbered posters were spared – odd numbered posters were killed. I saw this in the pit – sorry I’m not sure how to do links here yet or I would include it. Anyone feel free to clue me in.

Have mercy on the newbie. Now if I could just figure out how to do signatures…

Nope, odd and even was not it. Below are the names, and the number of letters in their name.


Jeannie (7)
Deb2World (9)
Lsura (5)
Mr. Cynical (9)
Tequila Mockingbird (18)
Kricket (7)


Dr_Paprika (9)
Max Torque (9)
Eusabian (8)
Inor (4)
Persephone (10)
Green Bean (8)
Sue Duhnym (9)

Count all the spaces in the names – including blank spaces, the underscore and the period. It seems to work for me.

What kind of low-life serial killer counts periods and spaces!!!.. I actually started doing that when it first started but figured it was too easy and he would have been going for something not so obvious, so I didn’t follow it through. Just goes to show ya. The more obvious something is, the higher is probability for being invisible. :slight_smile:


That was the serial killer’s method, and link.

And by the way Callie, the little link at the top of the post screen, that says vB code or something, it explains how to do links, bold, italics, and all that good stuff. To do a signature,just edit your profile. Top right corner of the screen. Hope I helped :slight_smile: