Tonights game - The SDMB Serial Killer attacks

Folks, I am the SDMB serial killer. I am going to attempt to kill as many people who post in this thread as I can. Some will live, some will be spared and the only way to stop me is to figure out how I’m choosing my victims. If you post in this thread you may find yourself on the wrong end of my loaded 12 bore. If you try to guess how I’m choosing my victims and guess incorrectly then you WILL find yourself on the wrong end of my 12 bore.

If you are out, you can no longer post here.

The winner is the one who identifies my modus operandi.

I’m on the loose, see if you can stop me, MWAHAHAHARRRRR

“Of course it’s safe to post on the SDMB Crystal Lake section. They haven’t had anything happen there in years. And no one has ever really proved that JDT was strangled by an insane lunatic with his own foreskin.”

I hope I don’t get killed for including the letter “e” in my message.

No no no no no, you’ll live…for now

<slips knife back inside jacket pocket & slithers away>

Hi. Just checking in to see if I’m a potential victim.

But I like Lucky Charms and of course Trix are for kids.

Just looked oops not cereals killer–carry on.

With a thrust of his dagger and a twist of his wrist The SDMB Serial Killer notches up his first victim, Jeannie

Let me guess:

You’re killing every 12th poster by boring them to death?

Is it that, or are you stabbing them with your knife/gun?

Mock me while you can deb2world, mock me while you can…
Oops, seem’s you can’t any longer. You’re victim number 2.

Come and get me, if you can, ya twisted freak.

Mr. Cynical bites the dust.

The Killer, worn out by his strenuous activities allows Max Torque to pass on by unharmed.

[Eddie Murphy]

You missed me, bitch!

[/Eddie Murphy]

If I look hard enough, I’m sure I can figure out where everyone has gone off to.

:: Hearing that Axel Foley theme in the background ::

This reminds me of trying to find a pattern in those stupid IQ tests. Are you killing everyone with seven letters in their names? Well, I know Mr. Cynical wouldn’t count, but you might have just considered the “cynical”, or you might have just killed him for being a ninny. :smiley:

I’m just waiting for the part where the young, scantily-clad nubile teen girl goes off into the woods to do some skinny-dipping. Mass-murderer psycho’s can never pass up something like that!

Lsura, thinking she’s avoided the killer, decides to go skinny dipping by the lake. A fatal mistake. She becomes the killers fourth victim.

I just gotta get involved in this cuz I think it’s pretty cool, and all budding serial killers have to start somewhere right? I’m a crime fanatic and love working on serial killer stuff, so I’d really hate to be killed, but what the hey. In the event that I become worm food, I bequeath the following:

To Sofa King: My new Pussy Snorkel, T-shirt and ladies tanktop.

To True Pisces: My trusty Millenium Vibrator which has served so well along with my seven slots full “Buy 10, Get One Free” sushi card from I Love Mr. Sushi. (Real place)

To Mercutio: My collection of Playboys and Penthouse mags along with my Penthouse Comix collection, issue #1 included.

To Crunchy Frog: My entire collection of thong underwear… ALL three of them.

To Uncle Beer: My very secret beer recipes. (no sharing)

To Satan: My navel and nipple ring… Even if you aren’t pierced, you should be.

To Tristan: My best Victoria’s Secret bra, on the condition that you wear it on your head every Tuesday and Friday, regardless of where you are.

To everyone else: A cease from my endless babbling and some half dried up nail polishes.

So far, the four people he has killed are gender-identifiable by their usernames.

Democritus enters the fray with a bold guess. Alas, it’s incorrect. He pays the ultimate penalty as he becomes the killers latest victim.

Just popping in to kill Tequila Mockingbird and to advise Green Bean that both Democritus and Mr Cynical (who DID get killed no matter what he says :smiley: ) are both males.