Last post is blanking

It’s been happening only on my laptop for a long time. I just figured that it was a problem with one of my computer settings or possibly my HD+ screen (1600x900), but now it’s happening on my desktop, too.

I’ll scroll through a thread, and the last post will briefly display before turning into a blank nothing. Refresh does not fix it. It just blanks again.

I can view the post by clicking the Reply button, scrolling up, then scrolling back down with the reply box open. Closing the reply box is about 50/50 on whether the last post will remain visible or disappear again.

And now, too, the entire thread below the post I’m reading will sometimes blank if I’m scrolling down a long thread. A refresh fixes that, though.

Windows 10, Chrome on both.

Maybe related, maybe no, I also notice that lately when I click a user’s name to get their card, the card appears way down below. I have to scroll down to even see the top of it.

The further down the thread the name is, the further down the card appears. So the names at the top work normally. The ones near the bottom of a long thread are way outside the viewing area.

Oh, and Straight Dope Light for the theme on both computers.

I am using Windows 10, Chrome, and Straight Dope Light and I am not seeing the issue. I thought maybe it had something to do with your resolution, but I squished my browser window down to a much smaller size and still did not see the problem.

Can you link to a specific thread where you see the issue?

Well, I’ve gone all day with the posts blanking. And the cards seem to now be working like they should, as well.