Latest tract: "Walking dead" -- Will this become a ZOMBIE thread? (Heh.)

Okay, at long last Jack de Shmuck uses a particular long-term pop-cultural favorite: ZOMBIES in one of his tracts. This should be right up the alley of many dopers here, judging from the spate of threads about zombies that I have spotted (AND IGNORED!)

“The Walking Dead?”

I think I’ll mostly sit this one out a first, and see what others here have to say.

But two observations:

In recent years JTC almost always is late in the bi-month with his tract debut. Usually by just a few days, once by half a month. This time I decided to check “early” – right one the 1st – and there it was! No “foot-dragging” this time. That seems a bit ironic.

I could go into certain oddities this tract brings. But for now, just a question.

In panel 13A (counting the cover as page one as per tract page-numbering convention) I see an evil (unsaved) heart with a face. This seems very familiar, but I can’t place it. Can anyone recall a tract in which it first appeared?

- The other white Jack

Thank you Trans Fat Og, this means a lot to me.


I cannot imagine anyone besides Jack even attempting to draw an unshaven, slothful, apostate heart.
But I thought I’d read all of his tracts, and it doesn’t look familiar…

I’ve seen that evil heart in a JC tract before, too, but I don’t remember which one.

And I really think that JC should have waited to release this tract until closer to Halloween, unless he’s got something more appropriate for holiday.

I like the fact that the wolfman and Freddie Kruger are zombies now.

I just read through that tract and a few things seemed to me to not jibe with your average Evangelical Fundamentalist theology. Isn’t Chick a Fundamentalist?

The thread title makes me feel lied to. I thought this had something to do with the AMC series “The Walking Dead”.

Were there any zombies in the bible, other than Jesus?

Lynn, didn’t you notice the bi-monthly schedule? The next one, if also on time, would be November 1st. Or has September 1st crept up on you too? :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in specifics, although as I already have said there were oddities in this specific tract.

Several other “zombies” in fact. The gospels have both the non-parable Lazarus and a little girl. Acts has at least one. A lad who fell asleep over Paul’s long-winded sermons, IIRC. Seems that Paul went right back to preaching. :stuck_out_tongue:

One in the “OT” as well. Samuel was used, and it was a child. All of this is off the top of my head. The Resurrection was ***not ***unique, at least, not in general terms.

How so? I thought it was pretty standard Fund’ist material & not usually as offensive as Chick gets.

Remember that Evangelical & Fundamentalist aren’t quite identical, also. All Fundists may be Evangelicals but all Evangelicals definitely aren’t Fund’ists.

No one was a shambling mindless walking corpse with a taste for brains or slave to a voodoo master- hence no zombies.

Jesus raised~
Lazarus, Jairus’ daughter, the son of the widow of Nain, many saints buried right outside Jerusalem. All but maybe the later were resuscitated to mortal life & died again.

The sleepyhead in Acts was Eutychus. Also, a lady named Tabitha/Dorcas was raised by Peter. In the OT, Elijah raised a widow’s son & when a dead man was tossed into Elisha’s grave, he revived. Not sure if Elisha raised anyone when he was alive. Samuel’s spirit was raised by the Witch of Endor. He himself never raised anyone.

Jesus’ Resurrection was to immortal life in a transformed body. The only similarity is maybe those saints who were raised with Him.

Yes, I hesitated to go along with the “zombie” teminology used in this thread, which is why I put it in quotes.

Thanks for the run-down. I was barely able to use the web at all in my location this morning and it would not have been practical to check out my faulty recollections from there.

Elisha was no doubt the Divinely-used instrument I was thinking of, rather than Samuel. I had come across something about Samuel’s spirit, within the last score of months or so, and had that mixed up.

Is there biblical support for that? Specifically the transformed body?

Of course I’m an atheist, but I’d honestly like to know for the sake of curiosity.

Luke 24: 15-43
Jesus changes His appearance, vanishes, and apparently has been
with the two disciples on the way to Emmaus while He was also
appearing to Simon Peter.
He then materializes in front of the disciples but also demonstrates He
is solid matter & not just a ghost by having them touch Him & by eating.

Similar stuff happens in John 20

Is it only me, or is the nightmare at the beginning an interesting depiction at how evangelizing (fundie) Christians appear to outsiders - “Join us or die”?

You got to love the sensitive, caring, loving approach to deal with somebody who’s just woken in cold sweat from a nightmare - “Things are worse! And even worser!” Yeah, psychology must be something satanic in Chick universe.

But what I really found funny is the description of the soul - it has arms and legs and can wear a robe.

Anybody thinks that Chick has got some disease for which he gets medical Marijuana, or is he that crazy on his own?

Oh, Chick is that crazy on his own. No meds required.

The evil heart/turnip/tomato thing appeared (with fangs!) in “Uninvited” and was discussed here.

Nope, not just you…that was my first thought as I read through that as well.

As well as “Well, he fed the fucking cat once in a while…” in panel 32.

Please clarify regarding Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny as well, please.

I think the Soul Cake Duck has been explained well enough I don’t need him explained, thank you.