Latin help - "excellence through diversity"?

I am helping to found a new student group, and they want to use “excellence through diversity” as their motto. As the closest thing to a Latin scholar available, I was volunteered to translate it.

I know which words I want to use: praestantia and diversitas. However, I have absolutely no idea how to form this phrase. I assume I can’t just use the nominative forms, as in “praestantia per diversitas”. I have a vague idea I might need to use the accusative form, but that doesn’t sound quite right either.

I *don’t *want to use the ad astra idiom that’s so popular in mottoes. We’re not the Air Force.

I’d have said “Excellentia Per Differentias,” which would mean “Excellence Through Differences”

If you replaced “Per” with “Propter,” you’d get Excellence BECAUSE OF Differences.

In any case, you’re right- the preposition PER calls for the accusative case. So, the accusative would be “Per Diversitatem.”

Or “Propter Diversitatem.”

Thanks! I’ll put the propter formation to the membership too, and let them pick.

You can use ‘Excelsior’ which is ‘ever upwards.’

If one uses the ‘ablative of means’ for deversitas, then it would be: Excelsior diversitate*.

If you want the plural ‘differences’, it would be Excelsior diversitatibus.

*pronounced dih - ver’ - sih - tah’ - tay, and not dih - ver’ - sih - tayt

When I was reading this thread earlier, I thought, “why per rather than the ablative of means”? To my ear, per is slightly better if it’s just a two-noun phrase with no further context*, for clarity, but any Latin experts know?

*Especially since diversitas can mean “disagreement”

Actually, that was deliberate. One of the group’s main objectives is to sponsor a series of debates on cultural-legal issues.

Out of interest, is this a serious motto, or is it slightly ironic? One student group I was involved in founding had the motto “Diem Perdidi”
Er, which I just googled and I found out it didn’t mean what the person who made it told us it meant, heck it’s not even the same language. The bitch!

It’s a bit of a joke, really. The group’s “real” motto is much longer:

We just needed something short and pithy to go on the logo.