Latin Question

What would be the best latin term for a “Clusterfuck?” I need it for my job.

“Omnifututio”? It’s a bit of a, um, bastardized construction, but then so is “clusterfuck” itself, I guess.

Not up there with the real jewels of classical Latin profanity, but good enough perhaps to be going on with until the classicist Dopers with true poetic talent show up.

Inspired by a phrase in Kimstu’s linked Wikipedia article, surely there’s a simple phrase for “nine acts of coitus performed simultaneously.” Surely that would be a good approximation of a clusterfuck.

“Surely”? Why would we expect there to be a simple phrase in Latin for that? Were the ancient Romans engaging in nine-partnered coitus so routinely that they had a standard technical term for it?

…Oh, all right. How about “nonuplefututio”? :wink:

How about the last social Plnnr and Ms. Plnnr attended? There were probably more than nine, as it was Halloween.

“Omnifututio” Eh? I like the sound of that. Thanks for that and the link.