A buddy of mine turned me on this site. It’s through yahoo and can be free or there is a pay option, but it’s basically internet radio where you pick and choose the artists you want to hear. I think you can add or subtract at anytime and even block specific songs and stuff you don’t like. I haven’t used it for very long but the idea sounds really cool and I’ve enjoyed it so far. I searched for a topin on this but didn’t find any. I’m sure people out there are using it and enjoying it but I thought this was something kinda cool I could share.

I’ve had pretty good results with Launch. The only drawback is that it “suggests” music that is “similar” to what you’ve chosen for your station, so every five or six songs you have to tell it never to play something again. The more time you spend with it, the better it gets at “suggesting” things you’ll actually like.

I always just choose the Alternative Rock station and let it play whatever.

I used to like it a lot, but the sound quality seems to have gotten bad. Maybe it was always at 64kbs and my ear just got more sophisticated.