LaurAnge is my first board crush

I know she has a boyfriend, and I’m gay to boot, but…

She welcomed me so nicely when I introduced myself. When she said, “Umm… I ride the bus a lot,” I melted. And she comforted me when I got flamed on my very first day here.

So LaurAnge is my board crush. :slight_smile: You rock, honey.

P.S. I also heart Mandos…

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Too late. She’s already fallen in love with my sense of humour.

She has a boyfriend? Curses.

Oooh! My board crush is Miss Creant!

My board crush is Airbeck.

… hey, wait a minute …


Well, scott dear, you’re also the first person to start a thread about having a crush on me!

I do, indeed love public transportation, as I can’t drive and hate walking. And while I do have a boyfriend, (as I have said before) his name is Scott, so who says I can’t get a bit confused?

Well, I hope you stick around, and we’ll have to arrange to have Montreal mini-dopefest sometime soon!


You are a goddess among goddesses. I adore you. Your boyfriend should realize how fantastic you are. (I can’t find a BF who’ll stick with me… more about that later.)

Anyway, I have to go to this lesbian potluck (I’m already late) but maybe we can chat on IRC later…


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