do I get a continuance ?

Specifically, in Texas,
My fiancee’s ex is raising 6 kinds of cain, has gotten a contempt case trumped up. It’s set for 18 december, and her lawyer is bailing out, says he is sick of it.(this case has been going on for two bloody years,and has gotten really ugly)
I can give other details if needed, but if there is a way for a civilian to file a continuance request,would you please share it with me?

thank you in advance

You move for a continuance. Draw up a piece of paper and call it “MOTION FOR A CONTINUANCE”. If your fiancee has been served with papers, you can copy the caption – the court and the cause number and the parties – from those papers. Then briefly say that you are asking for the case to be continued, and explain why. Sign it and date it and take it down to the courthouse and file it. Oh, and it must be signed by the party to the case, I presume your fiancee? If you weren’t named as a party then you can’t do it.

IMPORTANT! By filing for a continuance you, or rather your fiancee, will be making an appearance in the case. Once you have appeared, you have agreed to submit yourself to the court’s authority. If there is any question about whether the court has jurisdiction (like, you live in Texas and the other party lives in New York and the case is filed in Washington), then you need to see a lawyer before you file anything.

many thanks Jodi…
thats what I needed to know
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