lazy1 - Welcome to Hell

I’m really quite excited here. I get to flame someone’s ass for the first time. Someone right here on the boards.

In this thread:

I politely asked if perhaps there were username guidelines in place, preventing certain words from being in usernames…because I was surprised to see BeerNAZI as an allowable name, which I thought personally was in bad taste.

** ** in their FIRST POST TO SDMB posted this:

No, my motto is…PEOPLE WHO MURDER INNOCENT PEOPLE AREN’T FUNNY. It looks good on the pillow on my couch. Try it out.

I don’t know who you are, or where you’re from but if you think a political movement who rounded up families; women, children, grandparents and MURDERED them for no other reason than WHO THEY WERE BORN AS is funny…remind me not to come to your parties.

Yes. People from all over the world lazy…like perhaps GERMANY, or ISRAEL, or Chicago, IL…People with Jewish blood, or Jewish spouses. People who were directly affected by NAZI atrocities.

And by the by ol’ chum, I’d like to see ANY joke book (without three Ks on the cover) that thinks NAZIs are funny. Anywhere. Also, show me a NAZI joke that I’ll laugh at and I’ll go down on you.

Well, I assume your mom gave you one, you could use that…or what about your email address? Or what about, Wilty McGee, the name you’ve given your dick? The real key here is it IS easy to come up with a name…it’s NOT easy to come up with a name that would offend me or too many other people on this board. NAZI jokes do. name yourself fat-oozing-stink-wrinkle and go on your merry way, I’ll salute you at every turn.

First I’d tell you that my name had nothing to do with Jar Jar Binks, fuckstick. A minute’s research would reveal it. Then I’d say…what in particular offends you? If your case was sufficient, I would change it…BECAUSE I RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE’S FEELINGS, and I don’t fly off the handle miliseconds after I gain membership to the board.

No problem. I had fun with this one.

Remember this lazy, and remember it well when I ask for proof later: I NEVER ASKED ANYONE TO CHANGE THEIR NAME. I never called for the banning of a poster…I never called for people to cater to me. I asked if there were guidelines and I got my answer. In the meantime I found another questionable name and asked about that. I SIMPLY ASKED…it’s a free fucking country…and I’m trying to fight ignorance.

In conclusion…get your head out of your ass and go blow yourself fuck sleeve.

thank you.


Yawn…and I suppose that it’s taking longer than you thought too…Yawn

Wow. That will teach me not to keep my eye on topics that I consider simply educational and thought-provoking. I thought your request on the aforementioned thread was perfectly plausible and reasonable, not to mention very polite. I went back to the thread, and BAM! Found myself knee-deep in a major shit-slinging (albeit one-sided) contest. I kept scrolling up to the top to make sure I wasn’t back in the pit.

And what is it with the folks that don’t want to use a regular screen name, instead inviting potential scam-disaster by using email addies?

You’re right, he’s an idiot, and that’s basically it. I am new not only to this board, but to boards in general (am in the process of weaning myself off IM’ing, but that’s another story) and even I know enough to sit back and shut up if I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. (Well, sometimes.)

He might not get to answer you, as it seemed in your previous thread that TubaDiva has about had a bellyful after only 2 or 3 posts. But we shall see…sometimes it seems only the good die young. (sigh)

Q: How do Germans tie their bootlaces?

A: In little Nazis!

There’s good news and bad news;

The good news is that reunited Germany has finally selected its new capitol.

The bad news is… it’s Paris.

Shall I pencil your in for a slurp jarbabyj?

Just to really piss you off I’m going to post some of my most offensive compositional work ever;

(sung to the tune of “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin)
With long knives and blonde wives
we will suffer no racial dilution.

With a smile and zeig heil
we will end all this cultural pollution.

Kristal Nacht and Luftwaft
will reach the final solution.

That’s the way that it goes
we’ll take your jewels and clothes
that’s a war… eh?

Before you go postal jar, please know that members of my mother’s family died at the hands of the Nazis. Do a search on the keyword “Nazi” and user name Zenster and you will see just how much I hate them.

That said, there’s something about effing sick humor that I can’t get enough of. I suppose that I should also mention that this is the first time that I have ever publically listed the above song lyrics even though I composed them almost ten years ago. Maybe that gives you an idea of how offensive I think Nazis are.

So 'fess up jar. Did you laugh at the Nazi joke? Many people I know have and it remains an all time classic in my personal treasury of humor.

Completely off subject - is there anything I can do unrelated to Nazi jokes that would inspire you to go down on me? I will beg.

As for your point, while I don’t completely agree with you, I do agree that your POV is valid and that your request was exceedingly polite, and I think lazy’s response was waaaay over the top.

You’re in the right here.


I’m sorry to hear that. I hope they think your jokes are funny.

Sorry Zen, I didn’t. I don’t know. i just watched a documentary the other day, saw a bunch of corpses thrown into a pit…I felt bad for them. It was a horrible nightmare. They were all young people…probably younger than me.

Perhaps laughing at tragedy is your way of dealing with it. And as a bone of contention…one of your jokes refers to GERMANS, implying that all Germans are NAZIs, which they aren’t.
And by the way…I’m not going to go postal on you. Post whatever you want! I’m just surprised at how casual people are about NAZIs these days. I heard one of my husband’s students call her mother a NAZI because she wouldn’t let her go to the mall…someone on this board referred to Apple Computer Retailers NAZIs. Jokes and NAZI nicknames (soup nazi) only serve to water down what they did to the people in your family.

just my opinion.


Begging gets you nowhere, Sua…I’m a bottom :wink:

Purely curious, what don’t you agree with?

thanks, baby…I’ll see ya around.


I think Hitler on Ice is kinda funny.

Zenster, your first one had me laughing. The second and third? Not so much.

There’s another poster called SoupNazi on this board. I figure the #1 sitcom of the '90s can’t be too far off the mark. I suppose it all depends on your reason for creating the SN. Which is why I asked White Male in the Hood what his SN was about. He ignored me. Oh goodie.

JarbabyJ. I must admit, the first time I saw your SN, I immediately thought of Jar Jar Binks. I thought “oh crap. Someone actually liked that pissant?” Anywho, I don’t know what your SN really is about, but I learned quickly enough that you’re a good addition to this board. Even if you’re married and won’t go down on me (not that the two are related).

You really need to calm down.

In the words of The Great George Carlin

“…some people don’t like you to talk like that. Some people want to shut you up for saying those things. You know, lots of groups in this country want to tell you how to talk, tell you want you can’t talk about. Well, sometimes they’ll say you can talk about something but you can’t joke about it. They say you can’t joke about it because it’s not funny…
Well, I say FUCK YOU, I think it’s hilarious.
…I don’t believe it’s right, but you can joke about it.
I believe you can joke about anything, it all depends on how you construct the joke, what the exaggeration is.”

Yes, you can ask for his name to be chnaged as stated in the SDMB guidelines, but I really did not see what enraged you about lazy1’s comments, they are childish and lash out at you, but he’s a newbie and he feels threatened because he got his name taken away. I think you can say that if you liked your name and were forced to change it you’d be a tad angry. He’s posted here twice, I don’t get why less than 1 and 1/2 paragraph’s worth of posts got you so mad.

Do I think his name could be offensive to some people, sure, it offended you, there’s one person already. But you already got his name changed, why drag him through this?

I hardly think making a joke with the word “NAZI” in it makes me think less of what they did; I really do not think that you need to point it out to us that Hitler and the NAZI’s were doing bad things. People make fun of what they dislike, doesn’t mean they are right or wrong in doing so, though.

It angered you. You did something about it. His name got changed. He became angered. He resolved to 2nd grade lashing out. Why should you care about his 2 posts in your thread? This Pit thread is about his replies to you, not his name, which I do not find to be Pit Worthy, Jar.

Take a deep breath and relax. You won already. No reason to drag him through some mud now.

Welcome to the SDMB lazy1.

A bottom, hmmm. Okay … on your knees, bitch!!!

Well, as one example, I think The Producers was one of the funniest movies ever made. If you haven’t seen the movie, it revolved around the production of the (fictional) Broadway musical “Springtime for Hitler”:
It’s Springtime for Hitler and Ger-many;
It’s Winter for Poland and France …

Mel Brooks has had lots of fun at the expense of the Nazis. Aside from the above-noted “The Producers”, his “To Be or Not to Be” concerned a traveling troupe of performers in Nazi-occupied Europe. They are also, to my mind, his most “adult” works.

One may argue that Brooks, as a Jew and as someone who lost relatives in the Holocaust, has the “right” to make such jokes and Gentiles like myself don’t. Certainly, I wouldn’t have the balls to make the jokes he does. But it doesn’t change the fact that Nazi jokes, at least ones of the caliber Brooks created, can be funny.

On a much more juvenile level, I am ashamed to admit that I still giggle at “Hogan’s Heroes”. Admittedly, the Nazi side of Nazi Germany is generally not addressed in that show.


[pulls up in turbocharged four-on-the-floor shiny black Welcome Death Wagon, decorated with rotting newbie skulls]

Vroom vroom…

  1. “Hell is other people”. :slight_smile:

  2. You go, girl! Nice rant. I give it a 7.5.

  3. Jokes about “going postal” are not funny. If I saw somebody sign up as “Death To Postal Workers”, I’d be with Queen Victoria: Not Amused.

  4. But even though on one level they aren’t funny, I still laugh. Go figure. I liked both of Zenster’s jokes, too, even though they are old old old, geez, get some new material, willya? Do us all a favor. :smiley:

Hey, Mercutio:

Eh, I think you’re misreading the situation. Beer Nazi is one poster, Lazy1 is another. Lazy1’s name hasn’t been changed, AFAIK. Neither has Beer Nazi’s.

Excuse my mistake.

Well, I have lazy1@bizzaro-world.dumbass down as having a pit thread started about him/her/it just 2 hours and 11 minutes after their first post. My question is, what is the record? Is lazy1@spambait even in the running?

Nice wheels, DDG! :smiley:

Well, now that I’ve had a beer I think Mercutio is right. I could calm down. I don’t like BeerNAZI’s name, I was in a pissy apartment-hunting failure mood and he rubbed me the wrong way with jumping right into the SDMB filled with hate. I apologize for flaming him or her right away I guess, but I couldn’t respond in the ATMB thread because it was locked by the time I got home.

But in a little defense, I NEVER ASKED FOR BeerNAZI’s NAME TO BE CHANGED. I asked if there were guidelines for usernames. Can my name be Kikekiller? Cuntlicker? Or no? I didn’t say "could you please ban the BeerNAZI. I never would. I just wanted to know the rules.

I think I have a big sense of humor. A HUGE one. I laugh at things that no one would laugh at…things no one does laugh at…[pee wee herman] THINGS no one SHOULD laugh at [/pee wee herman] Unfortunately, NAZIs aren’t it…I don’t think it makes me a smaller person…it’s just a sensitive subject. Mainly because my family name is German, I’m proud of being German and I have had to deal with people stereotyping us as NAZI or Fascist or evil, telling me that the best thing my country does is “kill”, and I’m tired of defending my heritage because of one fucking nutball who was Austrian. So even if I WANTED to have a lighthearted view towards NAZIs, it would be fatal, being a German, and looking stereotypically German.

I also think, and this risks a whole other thread, that there’s a difference between Making Fun Of NAZI’s and exposing their stupidity and Calling Yourself A NAZI for dramatic effect. I don’t know which Beer Nazi is doing…or for that matter WHITE MALE IN THE HOOD.

In the end…I’ve said endlessly that people can post whatever they want…I just wanted to vent regarding this area of my personal beliefs.

If I’ve angered anyone, I’m sorry. I just wanted an explanation.

btw…Jarbaby is the name of my website, and it’s one of my nicknames because I had a dream that I gave birth to Brett Favre’s baby and as a good Bear’s Fan I was so embarrased that I kept it in a jar. I hate jar jar binks.


p.s. Ender…check out SUA’S method of getting me to go down on him…THAT’S what it’s all about :wink:

THAT’s what tripe I was responding to. It was NOT a mild request. It was trying to smear three (3) people not because of their posts, but because of their IDs*!
I find that dishonorable in the extreme.

My response was not aimed at your OP, your Assholishness.
But you knew that.

At the risk of talking to a complete bigot, I repeat:

[sub][aside to the people who don’t think I should put my name out in public: Look at the Mail button under your own name. Is it any different? No.][/sub]

Thanks. Seems nice so far, except for one whiner bunny in a jar, who shall remain unnamed.

I’d say if there is any group of people in the world who NEED to be mocked and laughed at, its the nazis. If you get angry at them, you’re just showing them that you’re afraid. If you laugh at them, you’re showing that they can’t get to you, that you’re above them. Some people get off on being hated; nobody likes to be mocked.

That being said, here’s my favorite nazi joke:

Did you hear that Pat Buchanan lost family in the Holocaust? His uncle fell out of a guard tower.


Usernames can be a reflection upon a poster. It’s more true for some than others, but the fact remains that something as personal as a UN is reflective of the one who chooses it.

Some months ago we had a poster named Klansman. Following the uproar, he changed his name to KM2. He was subsequently banned for blatant and ignorant racism.

The point is that choosing a nick that has “Nazi” in it can be a reason to give people great pause- to the point that it’s not a good idea to use it. Names are reflective of the thoughts of a poster.

IMHO, jarbaby is being reasonable.