Le Tigre brand clothing?

I was out shopping today and I saw some Le Tigre brand shirts. I was intrigued, because I saw them advertising on collegehumor.com, and assumed that it was some crazy kid fad thing, but the ones I saw today were mostly good-looking, which is better than I can say for most of the things that college students wear. Does anyone have any experience with these, or am I going to pay a higher price than I’m used to paying for things for an inferior product, where most of the cost comes from spoiled college kid brand loyalty?

Le Tigre was founded to compete with Lacoste, I believe. It is an American company. I know Nordstom sells Le Tigre, so make of that what you will. It’s made a comeback as a kind of cheesy-gone-hip label.

I don’t think I’ll be sporting any Le Tigre. Perhaps if I were ten years younger I’d consider it. I adore Lacoste, though, and have several items with the 'gator in my closet.

Isn’t it just another one of those Lacoste/Penguin/Fred Perry preppy labels? All the same stuff in my opinion, khaki trousers, boat shoes and polo shirts.

I had a couple of Le Tigre polo shirts in the '80s. They had a tiger on the tit instead of an alligator. I wasn’t aware of ‘labels’ (wasn’t hip enough for that), but I wanted a couple of Polo shirts and that’s what they had at Mervin’s.

I think that I’ll go buy a shirt or two. Hell, why not? I get paid today.

Preppy is back. $50 polos are the big thing in high schools. The quality’s good, but they’re still pretty damn expensive.

I got invited to the Hunt Club up in the snooty suburbs of Philly to watch a steeplechase, and was told that dressy summer cocktail attire would be appropriate. The folks I was attending with decided to take the piss and go all-out: big frilly hats, silly dresses, pink and white and khaki everywhere.

I’ve got white linen pants and Birkenstocks, but I didn’t have a nice enough shirt. $35 later, I was the proud owner of a bright pink Le Tigre polo. We all got dressed, laughed at how ridiculous we looked, and showed up fully expecting to be “over the top”.

Turns out we fit in perfectly. Absolutely middle-of-the-road in the crowd. I’m still not sure if I’m proud or freaked out by that.

I bought two today, an orange one and a blue one, and they feel light and comfortable, which is what I was going for (I hate heat). Excited, I am.