Least Offensive Sites on the Net? Extremely Office Safe!

I am sure that everyone knows of a few sites that are truly offensive (NB Please do not list them here!). However what I am after is the most inoffensive site, with the least possibility of people finding anything to get their knickers in a twist about.

This is my nomination:


A site that does exactly what it says on the URL (although they do have some quite heretical views on Hobnobs which are bastard biscuits for common people).

So lets have your nomination for the least offensive (but hopefully not twee) site on the world wide web.

I found this just last night:


This guy’s art thing is to take Internet porn and Photoshop all the people out of it. So the website’s full of pictures of sad little rooms with absolutely no sex going on in them. It cracked me up terribly, especially because you can buy them.

Absolutely, entirely safe for work.

When you feel like playing a videogame where you wield a sharp, pointy weapon:


It’d be awfully hard to find something to be offended by at http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/. It’s so sweet, perhaps diabetics could find something to complain about.

Cute kittens!

And would you believe that every one of those sites except for whitelead.com is blocked by my company’s web filter?

And I’m hesitant to even mention the filter because every time I do, the site where I mention it becomes blocked.


Here’s one that is totally safe and practical:

Gives the time for about 400 locations around the world.
The collection of interactive calendars is also incredible.

I’d say only about 30% (okay maybe 40%) of that website consists of ads for barely legal topless cheerleaders !!

No No No - just kidding - it is a VERY good website.


Unless of course you hate Kenny Rogers.