Leaving bowel movement for others to appreciate

Be honest, who has left a really good bowel movement in the bowl for the next person to appreciate?:smiley:

I think polls belong in IMHO.
Do mean the toilet bowl? :wink:

This could be in IMHO or Mundane Pointless shit I must share.

That’s freaking disgusting. Yes, I’m being honest. No, I would never dream of leaving my bodily by-products hanging around for someone else to deal with.

Only in an outhouse where there was no flushing apparatus. :rolleyes: I heard the next user laugh. Shit happens?

never that i can recall - sometimes i backed up th… the toilet maulfunctioned and it wouldn’t flush.

Back in my college days I was at a house party where one of the guests dropped a bannana right next to the toilet.

Something about it struct me as being funny, but it was still pretty rude.

I did piss on the lid once, when I was stoned. freakin’ woman. The lid belongs UP.
How many points for that?

Too pointless for any forum here. Closed.