Led Zeppelin reissues

Atlantic records has re-issued the first three Led Zep albums…


…and they sound awesome! I only have little TV speakers now, so am listening on some nice Koss headphones, and can hear every little pitter patter - then smash - of Bonham’s drumming.

Nice! I really love the “How The West Was Won” album… lots of great live versions there. Wish I was around during the time of the concerts though.

I splurged and got all three of the deluxe 2CD sets. The remastered albums do sound great, but I have to admit I haven’t listened to them closely in many years–and I have a much better audio setup than I did back then. The bonus live set from Paris that came with LZ I is pretty awesome.

It’s been fun reading the LZ discussions over on the Steve Hoffman forum. Man, those folks really get into the tiniest little details, don’t they?