Legging it.

Putting on my pants today I had the idle thought, "Why do I always put my left leg in first? And then me thought "And in the Army (UK. at least) we always stepped off with the left foot.

Has anyone else had this idle thought? And, IF left leg preference is popular - why?

I’ve never had this thought.

I put my right one in first.

Are you right- or left-handed?

Alloah LolaBaby:

To answer your question. I’m right handed and when I kick off a ball I use my right foot so I’m an all right chap.

But somehow it wouldn’t sound right if a drill-sergeant bawled out, “Right, Left, Right, Left” although (during the American Civil War,) I’m told, they bawled out, "Hay foot, straw foot.

Does any Army in the world, me idly wonders, step off on the right (straw) foot?

But, LolaBaby, the thought was triggered while putting on pants so may I ask you, "Are you left or right handed and do you ALWAYS insert the right leg first?

Now see where idle thoughts may lead!

Hang loose LolaBaby.

Re the OP , if you’re right handed (and right footed) it’s natural to lift the left leg first as you can balance better on the right one.

Yes Pergau. I could kick myself. (With the right foot naturally.)Even as I submitted my reply to Lolababy the penny dropped. I can only excuse my slowness by pleading Monday morning syndrome and vertigo after the balancing act of putting on my pants.

In future I shall sit down to put on my pants. I shall favour neither foot but put both in at the same time, stand up and drag 'em up the rest of the way.

Any ideas about the silly army questions?

My WAG on the army thing is that “Right” when shouted by a red-faced drill Sergeant could (with optional waxed moustache) be ambiguous in that the word ‘right’ could be used in other ways "Right then you ‘orrible lot…’’, but I admit, this does seem a bit of a lame explanation…

oops, can we all just pretend that I typed the italicised ‘could’ after the brackets.

…and (although I know what it means) …“By the RIGHT, quick march!” and the parade starts with the LEFT foot forward…
This is getting sillier.