Poll: Which leg do you put in first when putting on pants?

Include your handedness.

I read a website that said people stand on their dominant leg so put in the other leg first. I want to see if it’s true for most people

I’m lefthanded and put my right leg in first (following the website’s claim)

I am right handed and usually put my right leg in first… perhaps I’m abnormal?

Right handed, left leg goes in first. I guess I’m not as exciting as I thought.

I am right-handed, and I put in my right leg first.

A friend of mine says she’s also right-handed, and puts her right leg in first.

The middle one.


Duckster :smiley:

Me, right handed, right leg first.

Right handed, left leg first. I actually tried to put my right pant leg on first the other day and nearly fell down!

Right, right.
But then I don’t have completely dominance in my right hand; when I was learning to write I could do it with my left hand and I used to draw with both (I’ve lost both abilities). I write with my right hand but eat left-handed and use my left hand just as much, if not more, to do everything else.

Right handed, right leg first.

And Duckster, I’m not a big fan of that shit-eatin’-grin smiley, but its placement in your post had tears rolling down my face. Beautiful, man.


Another right-handed, left leg.

And I’m very much so right-handed. Strange…

Right handed, left legged.


Right handed, left legged

Right-handed, left leg first.

Both. Faster and easier.

I am lefthanded, my right leg is my dominant leg and it goes in first. End of rant. I feel so much better

Right handed, right leg first. I think I do it because when putting in the second leg, I’m more liable to trip, so I put in my dominant leg first as the “foundation”.

I’m right handed and it’s always the left lag first. always. I could barely force myself to reverse it when i tried.

Right handed and right legged.

Right handed and right legged.
I just went into the other room, took off my pants, and put them on to see. Also, I take my right leg out first when de-pantsing.