Poll: Which leg do you put in first when putting on pants?

Usually, both. But sometimes if I only do one leg at a time, I start with the right leg. Just the opposite when stepping into a skirt though, I always start with the left leg, but I always am standing when I put on a skirt, maybe that is the difference?

Oddly enough, I put the left one one first, but two even things out and get it right I put the second leg in.

BTW, I’m right handed.

Right-handed and probably right-legged, right leg first. I think it’s the “support in case of a trip” thing for me, too. I think I do sometimes do it left leg first, though, but I think the stability suffers then.

Right handed.

I sit on my bed and put both legs in at once.

More data from roommate: right handed, right leg first.

Never let it be said that we shirk investigating the deep mysteries of science!

I’m left-handed and have new garments sewn around me each morning by beautiful seamstresses. Otherwise, it would be right leg first.

So YOU’RE the guy who found that bottle on the beach and told the genie you wanted your dick to grow a foot.
When I saw the thread title I KNEW somebody would say “the middle one.” But I didn’t know it would only take five posts! :smiley:

Oh, me? Right-handed, left foot. Although, when it comes to which foot goes in my mouth, I’m ambidextrous.

Left leg goes in first when putting trousers on. Both at the same time when putting a skirt on - those rare occasions…

Handedness? As a kid wrote left but forced to change to the right. Then after breaking/dislocating my right wrist many times my left hand once again became dominant. Now I can use either with proficiency… except at the moment cos I just had surgery on my left hand and it hurts :frowning:

Which ever leg is closest to the pants.

I’m right handed, and put the right leg in first. However, as a child I was ambidextrous (or perhaps left handed) but was encouraged to use my right hand.

Right handed and my right (dominant leg) goes in first.

As an aside, the first time you go snowboarding the instructor may ask you this very question to determine how you’ll ride: right foot fist = goofy (right foot foward), left foot first = regular (left foot foward).

I always put the longest leg in first

Tapioca, only two more posts to go!

Right and right. Sometimes it alternates to left leg.

I’m right handed (right eyed and right legged as well) but when I put on my pants I hop into it both legs at once.

Of course living where I do I almost never wear pants, almost always shorts.

Left handed, left leg first (but I might not count, I never noticed the order before my accident where I injured my right leg).


Some of you seem to think that because you’re putting your left leg in first that you’re left legged. You’re not. Which leg do you naturally kick a ball with? That’s your dominant leg.

I sit down and put both legs in at the same time.Always

Mine have zips down the side and I just step in them like getting in a car.

I’m another that puts both legs on at the same time. I’m not sure if I do it because it’s simple and expedient, or just out of a sense of contrariness irritated by that inexplicable bit of idiom "I put my pants on one-leg-at-a-time, like everybody else.

I’m sure if I tried the one-leg-at-a-time thing, I’d trip and break my neck.

yep…i switch from day to day…sometimes both legs, other times right or left, whatever feels right…i know it sounds dumb but its how i do things…i’m right handed…