Legitimate questions on illicit drugs. . . aka "I've never done 'em, so I don't know"

Whilst surfing through the forums, I came across this old thread, where Homer eats three mushrooms, and says “I’ll keep you posted.”

This leads me to explore my naivete in the field. I’ve never seen any appeal to anything, and will truthfully claim the hardest stuff I’ve ever done is alcohol, caffiene, and the occasional cigar. So, while pondering the cited thread, I had a question. I figured I’d add a few more questions:

  1. I was under the impression that one mushroom was enough to get you high. Folks in the thread are talking about “eights” or “quaters” (I assume they mean pounds). What, do you just find these things in the forest somewhere? And do you really need to eat that much?

  2. ‘Cocaine’, ‘coke’, ‘crack’, ‘ice’, ‘rock’ . . . Some is snorted in white lines, some is smoked with the little glass jar lookin’ things . . . What’s the difference between them, and why do you ingest them in different ways–for different highs? Are they mixed differently using a regular, standard cocaine to make different drugs the same way they use regular unleaded and add detergents and such to make mid-grade and super?

  3. Pot: I understand you can roll it up like a tobacco cigarette and smoke it. What’s the point of the bong? To cool the smoke? Now, I have ‘taken a hit’ off a tobacco water pipe, which I assume is basically a bong (think an Arab “shisha”). Same thing, just different smoked stuff?

  4. Don’t any of these things give you a hangover like too much beer or whiskey does?

Honest questions. Like I said, I just never understood the appeal, but figured I’d ask.

I’ll await your response with an ice cold Miller Lite. :smiley:

They would probably be talking about fractions of a mushroom. One mushroom is generally a sufficient dose. Two would be a lot. And yes, they do grow wild in cow pastures mostly, although the most productive fields are private property watched closely by owners and law enforcement.

Too much to get into here. Powder is expensive, rock is cheap. Mainly the difference is the speed at which the high hits you and how long it lasts. Rock is very fast but doesn’t last.

To cool and filter smoke.

No aftereffect for mushrooms. Coke leaves you on a downer wanting twice as much coke the next day. Weed can make you feel a little sleepy, stupid, and sore-throated the next day, but nowhere near the discomfort of a hangover. In fact it’s a passable hangover remedy.

Depends on the type of shroom. Here in NZ one would find a few varieties, the 2 main ones (in the south island) are commonly known as “liberty caps” and “gold tops”, “libbies” and “goldies” respectivly.

Goldies can grow to be about 4 or 5 cms across, 3 or 4 of these will have you feeling a bit nervous and 10 or 12 will have you pretty nicely high for 6 or 7 hours. 30 will kick your bottom, giving a pretty nice 10 or 12 hour high.

Libbies are small, about 0.5 cm across. You’ll need about 70 of these to get nice and high. Thay are probably about the same strength as goldies, but they are far smaller. Luckily they tend to grow in large clusters.

When it come to psycadelics, not really. A lot of the hangover is just from lack of sleep, or running around like an idiot all night :slight_smile:

You can feel a bit muddled the next day, like your brain is wrapped in cotten wool (I cant really describe it better than that :slight_smile: ). I almost always feel clear, relaxed and really optimistic about life, if you can call that a hangover :slight_smile:

E is different, it is similer to the above except you can get pretty grumpy a day or 2 after the hangover. My aussie friends describe it as “eccy tuesday” :slight_smile:

One eighth or quarter of an ounce of dried 'shrooms, same as weed, but “eighth” not “eight(s)”.

Generally a smaller bowl, and bongs usually have a “carburetor” or some other means of emptying the smoke chamber.
CMC fnord!

A bong cools the smoke, but it also allows you to gather a large amount of smoke in it that you then inhale very quickly. Smoking a joint and doing a bong hit can be kind of compared to sipping a glass of whiskey and doing a shot.

It’s not eighths or quarters of a mushroom, as Brain Wreck stated, but rather 1/8 or 1/4 of an ounce of dried mushrooms (as crowmanyclouds stated). To add - when you find them in nature, they are generally about 90% water. You can eat them that way, but you’re in for a lot of nasty eating. Dried shrooms are the preferred preparation for ingestion. (they’re still nasty, but you’ve got 90% less to eat)

There are so many species of mushrooms that contain psilocybin/psylocin (more than 180, according to Erowid) and they vary greatly in potency and size, so these measurements are a pretty rough starting point. But for many species, 1/8-1/4 ounce (dried) is a standard dose. This can be one big cap, or a number of smaller 'shrooms.

By “these things” are we referring to every drug on the planet? If so, you might want to narrow your scope a little. Some drugs, like ecstacy, do have a “hangover” that lasts several days. Many others do not - going by the ones you mentioned:

Mushrooms - the trip itself lasts about 6 hours, with no major after-effects (other than a permanently expanded consciousness…)

Cocaine (and other stimulants) - immediately after the high, which doesn’t last very long (<1 hour), there is usually a period of feeling “down” (what goes up must come down right?) in which one feels a lack of energy etc. This usually doesn’t carry into the next day (personal experience) though some have reported it.

Marijuana - I’ve never experienced what you would call a “hangover” beyond falling asleep. (Back in the days, we would say “crashing out” :))

Maybe not,[

](http://www.maps.org/news-letters/v06n3/06359mj1.html)hmm, do they still make “power hitters”?

CMC fnord!

Are power hitters the little wooden boxes with the metal tube hitter? I had me one of those, but we called them dugouts. That was my preffered method back in the day.

What we used to call “power hitters” were akin to a plastic squeeze bottle where the lit joint would inside the bottle. You give the bottle a squeeze for a hit and there is no wasted smoke. Umm… Although I had used them, I could not tell you exactly how the contraption worked–it all made sense at the time. :wink:

I would think that a power hitter or a steamroller would be the most effecient. You certainly know when you have been hit by a steamroller, baby! :slight_smile:

Nothing but personal info to offer.
For a couple of decades I drank heavily quite often. During my high school/college decade I used every non-injectable drug available. Major fan of pot and shrooms.
Haven’t used any drug other than pot for maybe 20 years, and hyaven’t drunk for the last couple of years. Smoke pot occasionally.
Lately I have consistently noticed what I would consider a hangover the day after getting high.
Not debilitating, but a lingering headache and “fuzziness.”
Even after as little as 4-5 hits.
Just found that curious, as I had never previously thought such a thing as a pot “hangover” existed.

While on the subject, does anyone mind explaining what E is like? Are there ‘bad trips’ with E? I am asking about personal experience (or what you ‘heard’).

Another question on E…what is sex like while on it?

That’s funny, because I’ve only smoked pot a dozen times or so, but from the very first time it was quite obvious to me that I didn’t feel quite right the next day. My brain just felt generally fuzzy, like I couldn’t quite think as well and I felt like I was a bit slower at registering things. It actually took two or three times before I realized that it was connected to the pot; before that I just thought I was feeling a little off. But I feel like my cognitive faculties aren’t all there for at least a day after getting high.

Coke is snorted in lines. You can cook coke down in various ways and smoke it (those little glass jar lookin’ things) - crack - for a much faster (and different) high. You can also injest it with a syringe. Frankly, the people I know who’ve smoked it (or shot it), it’s been a very, very, bad, bad scene - I’ll email you if you want more details. I don’t want to say anything on the board that is going to cause anyone any trouble.

Yes. From coke, a lack of sleep for one thing. I’ll give you more details in my email. :slight_smile:

Dude - we gotta TALK about your beer choices. :smiley:

I’ve done E a few times. To me it was like taking ten Percocets at once. The high was extremly good and you felt like everybody was your best friend. It didn’t last very long at all, maybe two hours and I don’t remember what the sex was like. All conceptions of if being a hallucinogenic drug aside, it was not like LSD or shrooms and I didn’t feel it was a hallucinogen at all. I totally had control of my mind, unlike when I did LSD and shrooms and did not have any visuals.

To the shroom question, please don’t go out picking random mushrooms and try to eat them either. Most mushrooms are highly toxic and will kill you.

While we’re on the subject of Ecstasy: Are there different types of “E”, like there are of cocaine? Different strengths, different ways to ingest it, or is it all pretty much like you see in the movies–pop a pill and party all night long?

And no Missy2U, we will not be talking about my choices of beer, unless you’re carrying a case of Sam Adams. :smiley:

Pretty much all the same. Most ecstacy pills have a different logo on them, for instance some pills have a Mitsubishi logo, some have Scooby Doo’s face. And I do not condone drug use, I was young and stupid when I did these drugs, please do not do this very dangerous drug. I know I am stating the obvious, but I don’t want to sound like I’m glorifying drugs in any way.

Ice is smokable methamphetamine (“crank”). The other terms refer to cocaine.

I’ve done E a few times. I’ve never had a bad experience. The highs were great and they lasted a maybe 3-4 hours. Everything becomes an enjoyable experience. From the company that you keep to the feeling of your pants rubbing against your legs(now you know why ravers like those huge pants). It also tends to enhance your senses. My sense of smell was GREATLY enhanced whenever I was on E. The nice thing about E is that the down is fairly enjoyable as well. It’s not really harsh in anyway other then you can’t really sleep.

I have had heard of bad trips however. E screws with your body’s ability to thermoregulate. It’s fine if you’re in a climate controlled area, but if you’re ever in a warehouse with 5,000 kids it can get pretty dangerous. I had a friend who once got E that was probably cut with speed. Her heart rate spiked.

Other commonish side effects are bad emotional trips. Although in my experience those people were fairly unstable to begin with. The lesson there is simply that you shouldn’t do it if you can’t handle it. And if you’re going to do the drug(and I don’t really advocate that you do), then you should surround yourself with people you trust and would have good times with anyway.

As for sex? Well, in my experience during the 3-4 hour ‘high’ phase, I was impotent. It was only during the cool-down that I was able to get an erection. I wasn’t with anyone at the time, so I never had sex. I hear it’s amazing for a woman though.

Next day effects are pretty mild. They range from seeing a halo around lights to feeling ‘hazy’ for a few days. By hazy I meant that I could physically feel an impedence in my thought processes. I’m normally a quick guy, but after E I just felt slower for a week. It’s an odd experience, but it’s not comparable to the thought block you get when you’re high on weed. It’s much milder.

The active chemical in mushrooms is called psilocin. But that degrades when the mushroom is dried. There’s another chemical, a more stable one, called psilocybin, which converts to psilocin in the body. Typically 20 mg is a decent dose, and 30 mg a high one, for someone weighing 70 kg. Now, the mushrooms, when dried i.e. water depleted which typically results in loss of 90% of its fresh weight, contain enough psilocybin to account for anywhere between 0.5-3% of its dried weight. So, in order to consume a decent dose, you work backwards i.e. suppose 20 mg = 0.7% (avg. potency) of dried weight, hence 2.86g of dried mushrooms, which is 1/10th of an ounce. Round that to an eighth. But this all guesswork, as you rarely know the potency of the mushrooms.

If you’re in the Netherlands, you buy them from one of the “smartshops”. If you’re in the US, suffice to say that due to certain technicalities in the law, the supply situation isn’t that “underground” as the hard drugs. If you’re curious, browse Erowid.

See this thread about recent research with psilocybin.

I don’t know what Rigamarole is taking, but I know that taking 1/4 ounce (or, in my neighborhood, a “quarter”) of Mushrooms will lead to serious, serious trouble. Around here we take a gram, maybe a half-quarter (3 1/2 grams) if you are really serious, but nothing more. The most I’ve taken is a half-quarter, and I don’t know many who’ve taken more. Perhaps the Mushrooms are more potent here, but I know for a fact that most people need only a gram or two to be trippin’ nicely.

You find them through any good drug dealer. Picking them in a field, well I’d never even consider that. Mushrooms are dangerous things. (I know, I KNOW; I’ll trust a drug dealer but not a field. But the dealer wants me to return, the field just don’t care.)

Though I know many who’ve taken and still take cocaine, I’ve only ever done it once, and it was by mistake. So I’ll refrain from commenting here, leaving it for others more experienced than I.

Water bongs do not cool the smoke. Even if you put ice in it - which is nice - it does not really cool the smoke. It’ll make it smoother, but it won’t be “cold”. Basically, a water bong will make the “hit” smoother. This is done by the filtering through the water. A few really disgusting people will drink the water afterwards (these are really disgusting people). As anybody whose split the water before, IT STINKS LIKE SHIT! (An aside, you can get glass pipes that will hold water in them as well. They’re not as effective, and rather stinky, but I thought I’d mention it.)

Cocaine and harder drugs will. Mushrooms will make you “slow” (slow in mental ways) the next day. Pot, nothing really. Might make you want to sleep in, that is about it. Harder drugs may take a day or two to recover from, but not in a hungover sort of way. Hangovers hurt, the head pounds and the stomach aches. With drugs, the body is slow and so is the mind. To be honest, you’ll have to experience it to really understand it.

Hope this helps.