Lesbian social life! (not what you think guys!)

I’m a happy little Gay chick, with a loving partner (I say that now so that I am am not accused of being insecure about my ‘Gayness’ in this thread).

When I get a call from a lesbian friend to go out, it usually means to a gay dance with her and her friends who all hassle me and my partner about wearing makeup and a ‘pretty girlie’ top and shoes with a heel (heaven forbid!!) . We then head to a club where the chicks all play pool, drink beer and are ridiculously possessive of their girlfriends (to the point that you can’t even talk to them). The music is pretty cool I must say but the conversation is usually minimal and boring. Discussing things like which movie star they would like to bed, what they do at work, and soccer! They don’t dance and stand around in men’s shirts and baggy jeans.
Why can’t I sit over a drink(where the sole purpose is not to be the first one to skull) and discuss life, a good book, politics, fashion, feelings or something that lasts more than 2 sentences like I can with my non-gay buddies?

As a result I don’t go out much and I am nick-named by these guys as ‘Nana’. I would not be so rude as to say that I only go out with them so that I can be with my girlfriend in public, and dance and have a few drinks, not because I enjoy their company.

Please don’t shoot me down for being shallow or judgemental, I’m a nice sweet person but with a genuine frustration.

Am I alone here?

This honestly sounds like what a social life is for most people I know. Minus the soccer.

You’re hanging out with the wrong people if you’re not getting the social life you desire.

Go to straight bars. Hit on some girls. They’ll usually let you take them home & lick them out as long as their boyfriends can come along to watch. Plus, the conversation tends to be more varied at straight bars. Everyone wins.

Fellow lesbian here. I’d say you’re hanging out with the wrong crowd, and they don’t seem too pleasant either.

How did you meet them in the first place? From your post I’m getting the impression that you don’t have much in common anyway. You might want to think about branching out and meeting some different gay friends.

Is Gosford a small town? What I’m asking is, do they have things like LGBT book clubs and activity clubs? Most of the time, if you hang out with people based on a shared interest, there’s a lot more emphasis on hanging around and shooting the breeze, and it can be a lot more fun.

I worked with one of them, and I think the only reason we decided to do something socially the first time was simply because we were both Gay? Not a very good reason to base friendship I know but it happens all the time.
And yes I guess it’s a relatively smallish town, we don’t have the club LGBT (not as far as I know), I guess it’s easier to stay home than step out of my comfort zone and go to a club on my own (or with my girl).

Why keep doing something you don’t want to do? Why not find someone more like you? Bars ain’t for everyone, esp. in my area.

I think you accidently walked on to the set of Bar Girls.